NBCOlympics.com Announces 24 Hour Around-the-Clock Programming Strategy For Online U.S. Olympic Coverage of the Summer Games

-- Compelling Internet Coverage Tailored to Reach U.S. Audience Members

During Key Peak Time Periods -- at Work, Primetime and Late Night

-- New Features Offer Olympic Sports Fans a Front Row Seat to the Games

With 24 Hour Coverage and Results, 360 Degree Event Venue Tours And

Exclusive Photos Direct From Sydney

-- Cutting Edge Web Analysis Complements NBC's Extensive Broadcast


Sep 13, 2000, 01:00 ET from Quokka Sports

    SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- NBC/Quokka Ventures (NQV), a joint
 venture of NBC and Quokka Sports (Nasdaq:   QKKA), today announced its
 three-day-part programming strategy for NBCOlympics.com, delivering 24-hour,
 seven day a week coverage of the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.  Designed
 to reach Olympic fans during key time periods, NBCOlympics.com has created an
 innovative programming strategy tailored to the interests of the "at work,"
 primetime and late night users.  Also introduced today are dynamic new site
 features on http://www.nbcolympics.com designed to bring fans closer to the
 events and athletes of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  The site's programming
 strategy and new features help extend and support NBC's commitment to
 delivering "The Complete Olympics" across a variety of media, which includes
 NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and NBCOlympics.com.
     "NBCOlympics.com allows fans to get as close as they can possibly get to
 the Games without actually being there.  Whether you're a night owl who wants
 to see the action as it unfolds, or you're following the Games from your
 computer at work, or you're experiencing the Games on both your computer and
 your television at home, NBCOlympics.com delivers the most comprehensive
 online coverage of the Olympics," said Tom Newell, general manager of
 NBC/Quokka Ventures.  "By delivering up-to-the-minute results, along with
 exclusive still images, including breaking news, and feature stories, we give
 fans an in-depth look into the day's competition and empower them to become
 familiar with the athletes and events before they watch the broadcast
 coverage," continued Newell.
     In conjunction with NBC's broadcast coverage, NBCOlympics.com's
 programming strategy will include distinctive daytime, primetime and overnight
 coverage of the Games, as it continuously delivers up-to-the-minute results,
 in-depth analysis, news, athlete updates and other notable features.
     Daytime Coverage:
     A 15-18-hour time difference means that most of the major Olympic events
 taking place in Sydney will occur in the middle of the night in the United
 States.  For the 134 million Americans who log on to the Internet in the U.S.
 (Jupiter Communications 6/2000), NBCOlympics.com will provide the daytime user
 with complete up to the minute results, news and analysis and a preview of
 NBC's upcoming evening broadcast coverage.
     Site Resources & Features to Help Educate Viewers on Events
     Olympic fans looking to educate themselves about their favorite sports and
 prepare for that evening's broadcast can turn to NBCOlympics.com for in-depth
 event and athlete information, insider commentary and 360-degree venue tours.
 For example, during the day, a fan can tap into the variety of resources that
 NBCOlympics.com offers to better understand upcoming events, the athletes
 competing in them, what to watch for and who to watch.
     These resources include:
     -- Complete Programming Schedule -- the most up-to-date electronic TV
        guide available, as well as complete competition schedules for all
        35 Olympic events.
     -- NBCOlympics.com's Library -- includes event recaps, athlete biographies
        and Athlete's Voice features.  Currently, NBCOlympics.com has more than
        21,000 pages of content and more than 1100 extensive biographies of the
        world's greatest athletes, featuring all of the United States
        competitors.  The site also provides insight from 27 NBC commentators
        who offer analysis of athletic performances.  Commentators contributing
        to the site include former Olympians, Rowdy Gaines, Dwight Stones,
        Tim Daggett, Chris Marlowe and Cynthia Potter.
     -- Picture Shows -- exclusive images and commentary of the just-concluded
     -- "Athletes Voice" -- brings direct and first-hand athlete responses to
        the questions Olympic fans are most curious about.
     -- Personalized Emails -- Fans can register to receive customized daily
        email newsletters on the events that they want to read about.
     Prime Time Coverage:
     During NBCOlympics.com's prime time coverage, which is directed at fans
 watching the Games on television, online coverage will expand and enhance
 NBC's broadcast by getting the fan as close to the action as possible.  For
 example, fans watching Marion Jones' attempt to win gold in the long jump on
 television, can simultaneously log on to www.nbcolympics.com for an analysis
 of her jumping style compared to her competitors using the Simulcam
 Performance Analysis.  This application digitally places athletes side-by-side
 to help demonstrate differences in style, speed and technique.
     As Triathlon makes its debut as an official Olympic sport, NBCOlympics.com
 introduces the 3-D triathlon course map as part of the site's immersive
 coverage of the sport.  This application offers fans that are watching the
 broadcast coverage of the event the opportunity to log on to
 www.nbcolympics.com and experience the triathlon course from either a
 birds-eye or first person perspective, following along the course with the
 athletes as they compete.
     The site will also provide extensive data visualizations that will allow
 users to gain a better appreciation of select high profile swimming and track
 and field events by analyzing athletes' performances on meter by meter or step
 by step basis.  These applications have been developed to enhance the viewing
 experience provided by the broadcast.  In addition, during the prime time
 television viewing hours, NBCOlympics.com will provide fans with extended
 coverage of stories featured during the evening's television program as well
 as deliver stories not covered on the broadcast, so viewers won't miss any of
 their favorite athletes and events.
     Overnight Coverage:
     Olympic fanatics and night owls who want around-the-clock access to the
 Olympic action can log on to www.nbcolympics.com any time of the day or night
 to satisfy their need for immediate results, information and exclusive photos.
     Internet users logging on late at night and past the midnight hour will
 find up-to-the-minute results, news, photos and competitor profiles.
 NBCOlympics.com's overnight focus will deliver immediate, compelling coverage
 of events as they happen in Sydney.  Unique to NBCOlympics.com are "picture
 shows," featuring exclusive stills captured directly from NBC's video feed,
 which provide users with an insider's look at the action.
     Key Features on NBCOlympics.com:
     -- Complete, up-to-the-minute results combined with comprehensive news
        reporting, athlete and commentator analysis.
     -- Full NBC broadcast and event schedule for all 35 Olympic events.
     -- Streaming video highlights of the prior day's broadcast delivered to
        residential broadband fans located in the U.S. through Octane(TM) by
        Axient.  This marks the first time that an Olympics site will provide
        streaming video.
     -- Daily chats with Olympic athletes during the Games.
     -- 3D Venue tours for many of the Olympic venues including the Olympic
        Stadium and the Aquatics Center and 3D course maps for outdoor sports
        including triathlon, mountain biking and canoeing.
     -- Simulcam Performance Analysis and Data Visualizations to help
        demonstrate differences in style, speed and technique amongst the
        competitors in key events.
     -- A 3D Virtual athlete called "Torson" which diagrams 100 different
        athletic injuries, providing a closer look at strains, pulls and
     -- The exclusive online home of official Sydney Olympic merchandise for
        the United States.
     About NBCOlympics.com
     NBCOlympics.com is a joint venture between NBC and Quokka Sports and is
 the home for NBC's online coverage of the Olympic Games.  NBCOlympics.com is
 part of NBC's complete coverage of the Olympic and presented in concert with
 NBC's broadcast and cable programming.  "The Complete Olympics" will increase
 total Olympic television to 441.5 total hours of coverage from Sydney.  Unique
 to Olympics web sites is Athlete's Voice(TM), a mainstay of the
 NBCOlympics.com coverage where the world's elite athletes provide ongoing
 first-person accounts of the trials, tribulations and successes of training
 and competing.  Once the Olympic Games begin, www.nbcolympics.com will offer
 digital media coverage of the Sydney Olympics.
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