NCMS Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Non-Profit Celebrates 20 Years of R&D Collaboration

Nov 09, 2006, 00:00 ET from National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

    ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Center for
 Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) is celebrating its 20th anniversary of R&D
 innovation. NCMS was formed by Executive Order of the President of the
 United States in 1986, and was established to lead advanced manufacturing
 technology research for the benefit of the nation. Twenty years later, NCMS
 is the premier cross industry R&D organization in the country, leading
 innovation and technology advancement in virtually every sector of
 manufacturing. NCMS has over 150 members including companies of every size,
 from single person start- ups to multinational firms.
     "We show organizations how to innovate through collaboration," said
 NCMS President & CEO Richard Pearson. "Our members take advantage of our
 collaborative model to tap into expertise that normally would not be
 available to them."
     "When NCMS was formed many companies scoffed at the notion of
 collaboration," said NCMS Chairman Dick Morley. "Now twenty years later,
 collaboration has been shown to be vital to the success of many companies.
 I am proud to be part of an organization that represents the cutting edge
 of American manufacturing."
     NCMS has evolved throughout its history in response to the changing
 landscape of North American manufacturing. The genesis of the NCMS research
 agenda revolved around the needs of the machine tool industry. As
 manufacturing has evolved so has the NCMS agenda to include electronics,
 computer software, aviation, health care, manufacturing processes, and
 defense technologies. Current programs addressing nanotechnology, hydrogen
 fuel cell technology, and manufacturing sustainability ensures that NCMS
 will remain at the forefront of cutting edge R&D for years to come.
     NCMS has had great success in helping the public sector leverage the
 innovation and vitality of the private sector to meet difficult challenges.
 The Department of Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of
 Transportation, and Department of Energy are examples of government
 agencies currently funding R&D through NCMS.
     "NCMS has shown that the public sector can benefit from the innovation
 that fuels commercial companies," said Morley. "These partnerships will
 continue to create value for years to come."
     "Our members represent the very best that private industry has to
 offer," said Pearson. "It is only natural that the government would tap our
 expertise in putting together collaborative teams to solve tough problems."
     NCMS projects have won numerous honors including four Defense
 Manufacturing Excellence Awards which acknowledge contributions to the
 defense industry in support of manufacturing and four R&D 100 Awards which
 recognize excellence in innovation on a global scale.
     For additional information please contact Phil Callihan at (734)
 995-2046, or, or visit .
     About NCMS
     NCMS is the largest cross-industry collaborative research and
 development consortium in North America, and is the only consortial effort
 in the U.S. devoted exclusively to manufacturing technologies, processes
 and practices.

SOURCE National Center for Manufacturing Sciences