NCMS Releases Benchmark Report on the U.S. Nanotechnology Industry

Surveyed Organizations Are Transitioning Resolutely to the Nano-Future

Jul 12, 2006, 01:00 ET from National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

    ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Center for
 Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)
 have released a final report titled "2005 NCMS Survey of Nanotechnology in
 the U.S. Manufacturing Industry." The study, conducted under
 NSF-sponsorship, documents the nation's largest cross-industry survey of
 nanotechnology applications being commercialized by the U.S. manufacturing
 industry. The report is available at: or .
     Nearly 600 U.S. industry executives participated in the online NCMS-
 developed survey, providing insights on strategic issues affecting their
 organizations' pursuit of nanotechnology, that included management views,
 adequacy of research infrastructure, commercialization readiness, and a
 ranking of key barriers. The study compares these industry trends across
 U.S. regions, and provides information useful in planning corporate
 strategy, government policy and public investments to stimulate the largely
 small business-dominated nanotechnology industry, and help maintain the
 nation's lead.
     "The survey shows the increased significance of nanotechnology to both
 traditional and emerging fields in the last five years. In 2000, one could
 identify only a handful of companies with nanotechnology programs. In 2005,
 18% of the surveyed industries are already marketing products, about 80%
 expect to commercialize nano-products by 2010, and almost everyone
 expressed confidence their organizations will be involved with
 nanotechnology in the future after 2010. Such expansion of industrial
 relevance has been a goal of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI),"
 said Dr. M.C. Roco, key architect of the NNI, and Senior Advisor for
 Nanotechnology at NSF.
     "While applications of two-dimensional nanotechnology products such as
 coatings, nano-particulates and thin films will proliferate in the
 near-term across many major industry sectors, the surveyed executives
 indicated close consensus that the key barriers to commercialization of
 more complex, three- dimensional nanotechnology products relate to process
 scalability, financing and regulatory issues," said NCMS Principal
 Investigator, Dr. Manish Mehta. "These challenges require concerted and
 innovative, public-private collaborations with unprecedented
 knowledge-sharing to overcome so as to reap the visionary benefits."
     About NCMS
     NCMS is the largest cross-industry collaborative R&D consortium in
 North America devoted exclusively to manufacturing technologies, processes
 and practices. NCMS has 20 years of experience in the formation of complex,
 multi- partner collaborative programs, and is backed by members
 representing virtually every sector of the manufacturing community.
     For more information, contact Dr. Manish Mehta at 734-995-4938, or Email

SOURCE National Center for Manufacturing Sciences