NCS Unleashes Next Generation Intel(R) EM64T and AMD(R) AMD64 Server Appliance Platforms

Platforms Feature Both Single and Dual Core Processors

Jan 26, 2006, 00:00 ET from NCS Technologies, Inc.

    MANASSAS, Va., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- NCS Technologies, a leading
 provider of servers, internet appliances, notebooks, desktops and industrial
 computers today announced the release of next generation 64-bit Intel(R) and
 AMD(R) server appliance products. Commonly referred to as NCSAPP Functional
 Reference Platforms (FRP), the new 64-bit server appliances are quick test
 platforms for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) who want to test their
 application software for performance.
     The new server appliance platforms are targeted at ISVs that currently
 offer or want to offer appliances such as Firewall, IPS, IDS, Mail Filtering,
 Application Acceleration, XML, NAS, SAN or other plug-n-play devices. The new
 offerings feature single and dual core processors from Intel(R) and AMD(R).
     "Our ISV customers develop applications that are widely different in terms
 of hardware requirements. Some applications are very processor hungry while
 others are memory and/or I/O intensive," said Pranay Prakash, Executive
 Director, OEM Servers & Appliances for NCS. "After testing both Intel and AMD
 platforms, we decided to offer best of both worlds. Both Intel's EM64T and
 AMD's AMD64 architectures enable simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing. AMD
 offers features such as HyperTransport(TM) and Direct Connect Architecture
 while Intel provides DDR2, Hyper-Threading and EM64T memory addressing for
 improved performance. Both Intel and AMD offer dual core processors that
 deliver significant performance increase over single core processors."
     Single Core Intel(R) Appliance Platforms
     The Single Core Intel(R) 64-bit Pentium(R) 4 Appliance platforms begin
 with the NCSAPP 125-P, a low cost entry level platform in a mini 1U chassis.
 Other Pentium(R) 4 platforms are the 140-P that offers high redundancy with
 four hot-swap SATA/SCSI RAID drives and the 220-P which is a very short-depth
 2U platform that offers superior I/O performance.
     The NCSAPP 140-X is positioned as the entry level single core 1U dual-
 socket Xeon(R) platform with superb price/performance features. The 220-X and
 the 260-X are 2U platforms offering high I/O performance and high availability
 respectively. The 3000-X is a 3U platform that's unparalleled in terms of the
 RAS features it provides. For more information on this line, please visit:
     Dual Core Intel(R) Appliance Platforms
     The NCSAPP 125-PD introduces dual core Intel(R) Pentium(R) D performance
 in a 1U platform. The 140-PD enhances reliability with redundant disks and
 power supplies. The 260-PD offers high data availability in a 2U form-factor.
     NCS has also developed appliance platforms based on Intel's new dual core
 dual-socket Xeon(R) (Paxville) processor at 2.8GHz. The 140-XD, 260-XD and
 4000-XD are 1U, 2U and 4U platforms with different storage capacities, number
 of I/O expansion slots etc but all delivering up to 50% more performance than
 single core Xeon(R) platforms. The 140-XD and 260-XD offer breakthrough Serial
 Attached SCSI (SAS) technology.
     The NCSAPP 6500-XMP takes multi-processing to the next level by offering
 four dual-core Intel(R) Xeon(R) MP processors in a 6U chassis. With ten hot-
 swap SCSI drives, this platform sets the standard for performance and
 reliability. More information on this line can be obtained by visiting:
     Single and Dual Core AMD(R) Appliance Platforms
     The 125-AD is a mini 1U rack-mountable platform that offers unmatched
 price/performance value by offering single and dual core AMD(R) Opteron(R) 1-
 way 100 series or Athlon(R) 64 processors. The 140-AD and 260-AD offer single
 and dual core AMD(R) Opteron(R) 2-way 200 series processors. The 4000-AD
 provides enterprise class performance and reliability required for mission-
 critical applications.
     The NCSAPP 5800-AD is the highest performance appliance platform offered
 by NCS. With 8-way Opteron(R) 800 series dual-core processors and up to 128GB
 memory capacity, the 5800-AD is the most desired 5U platform for high end
 database and mail server appliances. For more information on this line, please
     All NCSAPP appliance platforms can run BSD, Linux(TM) or Windows(R)
 operating systems and can be completely customized to develop a final
 appliance product for ISVs. Pricing starts at $650 for an entry level product.
 All platforms are available immediately.
     About NCS
     NCS Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Windows(R), Linux(TM) and
 BSD compatible servers, internet appliances, notebooks, desktops and
 industrial computers. The company's rock-solid products are manufactured in
 its ISO 9001:2000 registered state-of-the-art facility and are available in a
 range of built-to-order configurations. Please visit: for
 general information and to learn more about NCS'
 Appliance Partner Program. NCS can also be reached at (703) 621-1538.

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