Neeraj Agrawal and Jack Hembrough Join Crosscheck Networks Advisory Board

Feb 12, 2008, 00:00 ET from Crosscheck Networks

    BOSTON, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Crosscheck Networks, the leading
 provider of SOA Testing products, today announced that Neeraj Agrawal and
 Jack Hembrough have joined the company's advisory board.
     "The Crosscheck Networks Board of Directors is pleased to announce
 Neeraj and Jack's additions to our advisory board," said Crosscheck
 Network's Director Rizwan Mallal. "By inducting these esteemed members,
 Crosscheck is poised to deliver unparalleled value to a growing customer
 base by enabling them to incorporate SOA Testing as an integral part of
 their SOA infrastructure."
     Neeraj Agarwal, General Partner Battery Ventures, was the founding
 investor in BladeLogic (Nasdaq:   BLOG) that eventually led to a successful
 IPO. He has played a key role in numerous early-stage startups that have
 matured into successful companies today. He is also a Charter Member of The
 Indus Entrepreneur (TiE).
     "I am excited about joining Crosscheck Networks' advisory board," said
 Neeraj. "It's evident that as SOA deployments move beyond proof-of-concepts
 to enterprise-wide deployments, testing has become a crucial part of SOA
 lifecycle. Crosscheck Networks has demonstrated leadership in developing
 SOA Testing products and has shown an impressive track record of winning
 marquee enterprise customers."
     Jack Hembrough, Chairman Appsec Inc, was CEO from its inception and
 scaled its business into a leading database security firm. A veteran of
 many successful startups, he brings wealth of experience in establishing
 sales and OEM channels.
     "I am thrilled to see Crosscheck Networks extend beyond comprehensive
 service testing performed by its flagship product, SOAPSonar, into new
 product lines that enable enterprises to test their SOA deployment
 efficiently," said Jack Hembrough. "The company's technical team continues
 to meet the challenges of testing sophisticated SOA deployments by building
 easy-to-use feature rich products that enable collaboration between
 multiple groups involved in a SOA lifecycle."
     About Crosscheck Networks
     Crosscheck Network's mission is to provide products for testing,
 diagnosing and controlling enterprise Web Services. Crosscheck Networks'
 products provide QA professionals, security personnel, and compliance
 officers with necessary information about the functional completeness,
 scalability, security and interoperability compliance of their Service
 Oriented Architecture (SOA). Through SOAPSonar(TM) -- industry leading
 comprehensive SOA testing product -- IT professionals make more informed
 decisions that enable their companies to stay within corporate quality and
 regulatory boundaries. The SOA diagnostics architecture is the first in the
 industry to encompass security, compliance, performance and functional
 regression under a unified architectural framework. The architecture
 enables the product to be deployed from the core to the perimeter of an
 enterprise. Visit Crosscheck Networks at

SOURCE Crosscheck Networks