Netscape Announces Major Web Server Upgrade With Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 Now Available

Popular Web Server Led in GartnerGroup Market Share Survey, Voted PC Magazine

Best of 1998, and Running On Digex, E*Trade, Lycos

and Netscape Web Sites

Jan 11, 1999, 00:00 ET from Netscape Communications Corporation

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Netscape Communications
 Corporation (Nasdaq:   NSCP) today announced Netscape(R) Enterprise Server 3.6
 software, a major upgrade of Netscape's market-leading Web server software.
 Available now, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 is high-performance, highly-
 scalable Web server software for deploying the largest-scale Web sites.  The
 new product offers the enterprise-class reliability, performance, dynamic
 content creation and central administration features that enterprises need to
 compete as Enterprise Service Providers(ESPs) in the Net Economy.
     As a result, Netscape Enterprise Server was voted Best of 1998 by
 PC Magazine and is being used by some of the largest e-commerce, Internet
 Service Provider (ISP) and portal Web sites on the Internet including Digex,
 Excite, E*Trade, Lycos and Netscape Netcenter.  The new Netscape Enterprise
 Server 3.6 builds on Netscape's commanding lead in the Web server software
 market.  According to GartnerGroup's October 1998 survey of Web server usage
 on public Web sites 66.8 percent of Fortune 100 public sites are running
 Netscape software, compared to Microsoft IIS at 16.8 percent and Apache at
 9.4 percent.
     "Netscape Enterprise Server is highly-scalable and reliable Web server
 software that enables organizations to build mission-critical Internet sites
 that help transform their business from a traditional company with brick-and-
 mortar assets to an Internet business as," said Maneesh Dhir, vice
 president and general manager of the Netscape Application Platform and
 Managed Content division.  "The product extends Netscape's strong Web server
 software leadership with new fail-over, automatic recovery and dynamic log
 rotation capabilities as well as dramatically-enhanced performance."
     "Digex has created a rapidly-growing business hosting and managing complex
 Web sites and Web-enabled applications for leading companies such as Nike and
 Anheuser-Busch," said Bobby Patrick, vice president at Digex.  "To
 successfully deploy this service, Digex is currently using Netscape Enterprise
 Server to run hundreds of scalable Web servers for our customers."
     "Excite is among the top 10 most visited Web sites on the Internet
 according to Media Metrix," said Jon Prall, vice president, operations at
 Excite, Inc.  "We current rely on Netscape Enterprise Server to provide the
 scalability, reliability, security and content management features Excite
 needs to run our fast-growing Portal service."
     "We use Netscape Application Server and Netscape Enterprise Server running
 to provide the scalability and reliability we need to support more than
 500,000 users making tens of thousands of transactions per day," said Debra
 Chrapaty, chief information officer at E*Trade.  "Netscape Enterprise Server
 is an integral part of our infrastructure and we plan to upgrade to version
 3.6 very soon."
     "Traffic to Netscape Netcenter has grown dramatically in the last six
 months with more than 10 million members currently registered to Netcenter,"
 said Mark Worsey, vice president of Web site Operations and Infrastructure at
 Netscape.  "We have upgraded Netscape Netcenter to run Netscape Enterprise
 Server 3.6 because the product has the enormous improvements in scalability,
 reliability, administration and dynamic content creation we need to handle the
     By supporting multiple platforms, databases and document types, Netscape
 Enterprise Server leverages customers' existing investments in hardware,
 software, databases, applications and document formats.
     Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 includes many new features
 such as:
     * Bullet-Proof Reliability and Availability -- Netscape Enterprise Server
 3.6 includes support for multiple processes and process monitors to make sites
 highly available.  If a Web application crashes, only one of the Web server
 processes will go down -- while the remaining processes provide fail-over to
 keep the Web site available to customers.  Server monitors then automatically
 re-start the failed process without intervention by a network administrator.
 In addition Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 features a new dynamic log rotation
 feature so that administrators can rotate server logs without shutting down
 the server, thus enhancing the ability to keep the Web site highly available.
     * Enterprise Performance and Scalability -- Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6
 has an advanced Web server engine that is optimized to meet the deployment
 needs of busy sites.  In recent tests on Netscape Netcenter, the new product
 was able to handle an approximately 800 percent higher load than older version
 running on a similar computer when accessing Web applications written using
 the NSAPI.
     * Lightening-Fast Access to Dynamic Content -- Netscape Enterprise Server
 3.6 provides unmatched performance in serving dynamic content, dramatically-
 accelerated processing times and increased ability to process heavy loads.
 For rapid access to Web content and applications, Netscape Enterprise Server
 3.6 features enhanced access to Web applications written with the Netscape
 Application Programming Interface (NSAPI) and the Common Gateway Interface
 (CGI).  The product includes a new CGI engine to accelerate performance by up
 to 1500 percent as compared to earlier versions running on a computer with
 four central processing units (CPU).  In addition security performance is
 improved by support for secure sockets layer (SSL) hardware accelerators to
 provide fast access to secure sites.
     * Comprehensive Web Server Management -- A broad set of management tools
 help reduce the cost of managing and maintaining a Web site.  Netscape
 Enterprise Server 3.6 supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
 versions 1 and 2 for standards-based remote monitoring capabilities
 from a variety of popular network management systems, including HP's OpenView,
 Tivoli/IBM's TME, BMC's Patrol, CA's UniCenter and Sun Solstice.
     * Centralized Administration -- The product comes bundled with Netscape(R)
 Directory Server software to provide network administrators with a single
 place to manage shared resources such as users and groups across the
 enterprise.  The product also enables delegated administration, or the
 ability to selectively delegate particular administrative tasks to certain
 individuals.  In addition, Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 enables
 administrators to manage remote servers more easily by treating multiple
 servers as one cluster.  Administrators can start or stop remote servers or
 update remote configuration files simultaneously in a fraction of the time
 required to administer each individual server.
     * Rapid Database Application Development -- Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6
 makes it fast and easy to build dynamic Web applications that access data
 stored in databases.  The product adds support for Servlets to the existing
 Netscape LiveWire support for server-side JavaScript, traditional server
 extensions such as CGI and NSAPI, and native database connectivity to
 information stored in an Oracle, Informix, IBM DB2, Sybase or ODBC-based
     Netscape Enterprise Server is part of Netscape's E-Commerce infrastructure
 for ESPs competing in the Net Economy where high performance, scalability,
 24x7 reliability and strong security features that extend outside the
 enterprise are critical for success.  Netscape's infrastructure includes
 Netscape Enterprise Server, Netscape(R) Application Server, Netscape(R)
 Directory Server and others.  Netscape Application Server is one of the
 industry's fastest, most-scalable and reliable Internet application servers
 for deploying business-critical applications on the Internet and Extranets.
 Using pre-built or custom extensions, customers can integrate applications
 deployed on Netscape Application Server with existing enterprise
 infrastructure.  Netscape Directory Server software provides real-time
 directory and security services that enable centralized, low cost
 management of the myriad of Internet applications deployed by ESPs and
 independent software vendors.
     Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6 is available immediately from Netscape for
 the Microsoft Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, SGI IRIX and Digital
 Unix operating environments.  Pricing for the product begins at US$1,295 for a
 50-publisher, unlimited access license and includes a copy of Netscape
 Directory Server.
     Netscape Communications Corporation is a leading provider of software and
 services for businesses that want to transform the way they create and keep
 customers in the emerging Net Economy.  The company offers a full line of
 enterprise software solutions, professional services, and a leading Internet
 portal to help companies build, buy or outsource Internet applications that
 drive revenue growth, build customer loyalty, and create new levels of
 business efficiency.  Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol NSCP, Netscape
 Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California.
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