Neuron Therapeutics Announces First Patient in Investigational Study Of Novel Stroke Therapy

Philadelphia is the Home of Innovative Stroke Treatment Trial

Jan 29, 2001, 00:00 ET from Neuron Therapeutics, Inc.

    MALVERN, Pa., Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Neuron Therapeutics, Inc., a
 developer of novel treatments for neurologic disorders, announced the
 initiation of a Phase I clinical safety trial in patients suffering from
 severe ischemic stroke. Neuron Therapeutics received FDA approval in late 2000
 to begin clinical trials of its lead drug candidate, Revoxyn*, an oxygenated
 fluorocarbon nutrient emulsion ("OFNE").
     Revoxyn* has been the subject of extensive pre-clinical trials that have
 demonstrated its ability to limit the brain damage that typically results from
 stroke. Multiple pre-clinical studies have shown that treatment with Revoxyn*
 several hours after initiation of a severe stroke acts to reduce the amount of
 swelling and damage to brain tissue that is caused by the sudden interruption
 in blood flow.
     The first patient was recently treated with this investigational therapy
 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.
     "The use of Revoxyn* in this first patient is the culmination of intensive
 research and development, " said Bruce Shook, President and CEO of Neuron
 Therapeutics, Inc. "This is a very promising beginning of the clinical phase
 of our development program for this unique drug product. It forms the basis of
 our plan to utilize our direct delivery platform for the treatment of central
 nervous system disorders."
     Philadelphia's Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is playing a key role
 in the development of this new drug. Neuron Therapeutics' novel drug and its
 delivery system are the outgrowth of research at Thomas Jefferson University,
 whose hospital is the first site testing this technology. Both the clinicians
 and patients involved in this initial clinical trial come from the
 Philadelphia metropolitan area.
     Stroke affects the lives of more than 750,000 Americans each year and is
 the third leading cause of death in this country. Over 80 percent of strokes
 are ischemic, meaning they involve interruption of blood flow to the brain. To
 date, the only FDA-approved drug treatment for ischemic stroke is one that
 targets the actual clot inside a blocked blood vessel. This treatment is
 suitable for only a very small number of patients, and for the remaining
 patients suffering the most severe strokes, there is no approved treatment
 option.  Neuron Therapeutics is dedicated to developing a new therapy that
 gives patients an alternative treatment, especially for the most severe cases.
 This novel therapy bypasses the blocked blood vessels and delivers oxygen and
 nutrients directly to the injured brain tissue.
     "Stroke treatment represents an enormous unmet medical need. The approach
 Neuron Therapeutics is taking is remarkably different from anything that has
 been tried before in that it involves direct delivery of oxygen and nutrients
 to oxygen-starved brain tissue," explained Dr. Rodney Bell, principal
 investigator on the project and Director of the Jefferson Stroke Center and
 Division of Cerebrovascular Disease and Neurologic Critical Care at Thomas
 Jefferson University Hospital.
     Neuron Therapeutics, Inc. is based in Malvern, PA and is a privately held
 company engaged in the development of proprietary new drugs and medical
 devices for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system. Revoxyn*
 is Neuron's platform technology, and the company is currently focused on
 applying its novel drug and delivery system to the treatment of stroke.
     For further information contact Bruce Shook, CEO, at 610-578-9120.
 Additional information about Neuron Therapeutics is available on our web site
 at . Information about the clinical trial is
 available at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital web site at .
     Revoxyn* is a trademark of Neuron Therapeutics, Inc. Except for the
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