Nevada State Senator Warren Hardy Introduces Pro-Consumer, Pro-Small Business Bill, 'Motor Vehicle Owners' Right To Repair Act,' States CARE

Mar 20, 2007, 01:00 ET from Coalition for Auto Repair Equality

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "It's with great
 enthusiasm that motoring consumers and the automotive aftermarket applaud
 State Senator Warren Hardy, II, (R-Las Vegas) for his introduction of The
 Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act, SB 379", stated David Parde,
 president, The Coalition for Auto Repair Equality (CARE).
     Several State Legislators have taken a stand in favor of motoring
 consumers and small business with their introduction of The Motor Vehicle
 Owners' Right to Repair Act. Vehicles that are 1994 and newer (and some
 earlier models) are equipped with computers that control the repair
 information on systems such as: air bags, brakes, steering mechanisms, tire
 pressure, oil changes, climate control, ignition keys and systems,
 batteries, transmissions, radio and sound systems, transmissions and fuel
 injection. The only sure way for motorists to have these systems and their
 entire vehicle repaired and parts replaced is to return to the car
     "Motoring consumers believe that because they own their vehicles that
 they actually have the ability to choose where they have their repairs
 done. They could be in for a real shock. Often, the independent repair
 technician must refer the motorists back to the car dealerships.
     "The question to motorists is, 'Who Owns Your Vehicle? You -- or the
 car companies? We say You do.' By the car companies controlling motorists'
 choices on where they can obtain convenient, affordable repairs, the car
 companies are creating a monopoly for themselves. This monopoly could
 create a potential for safety hazards for those who need immediate repairs
 but may not live near the appropriate car dealership or may be traveling
 without any car dealership nearby, they hurt low and fixed income motorists
 who depend on their neighborhood garages for affordable repairs, and they
 hurt the environment (the maximum number of vehicles that can be repaired
 at the maximum number of locations means cleaner running vehicles thus
 cleaner air)," continued Parde.
     Many organizations are supporting passage of The Motor Vehicle Owners'
 Right to Repair Act, among them: AAA, National Grange, RetireSafe
 (represents 400,000 seniors nationwide); National Federation of Independent
 Business (NFIB); Retail Industry Leaders Association, Consumer Electronics
 Association and others.
     "The pro-monopoly car companies and their dealerships will stand to
 benefit the most from a vehicle monopoly. In the long run, passage of The
 Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act, SB 379, will allow consumers to
 benefit from the America's free-market system and competition.
     "CARE, along with Nevada's motoring consumers and small business thank
 Senator Hardy for standing up for the "little guys," concluded Parde.
     CARE represents companies in the automotive aftermarket, among them:
 NAPA, Midas, CARQUEST, AutoZone, Advance Auto, Jiffy Lube, O'Reilly's and

SOURCE Coalition for Auto Repair Equality