New Ad Campaign Touts Radio as Essential Medium for All Advertisers

Radio Advertising Bureau's New Campaign Proclaims: 'If It Works, Don't

Ignore It'

Apr 14, 2006, 01:00 ET from Radio Advertising Bureau

    NEW YORK, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- In a series of humorous -- and at
 times, eye-wincing -- print advertisements, the Radio Advertising Bureau
 (RAB) unveils its new campaign this week that promotes the medium as a
 highly effective and essential tool for today's advertisers and their
     The ads show the downside of not using everyday items such as tweezers,
 sunscreen and toothbrushes. One ad shows a writhing soccer player who has
 failed to wear an athletic supporter cup, while another features a
 near-toothless man who apparently shunned a toothbrush throughout his adult
 life. Using the tagline, "If it works, don't ignore it," the ads aim to
 depict the consequences of overlooking something that is proven to be
 effective, such as Radio.
     The Radio industry has turned-up the volume on what it delivers in
 terms of its impressive reach and effectiveness. The ad campaign is one
 part of a multi-million dollar commitment from the industry for research
 that documents Radio's effectiveness, and relationship, with consumers.
 Under the direction of the Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab (RAEL), and its
 Research Committee that includes advertisers and agencies, three empirical
 consumer studies have already been released. A fourth study is scheduled to
 be released the end of this year, with a number of studies on the horizon
 for 2007 and 2008.
     "The studies from RAEL reveal the way Radio's unique engagement
 properties influence consumers, the effect it has in a media mix and on
 Return On Investment," noted Gary Fries, President and Chief Executive
 Officer, RAB. "The studies that will be released over the next couple of
 years will dive deeper into the consumer's experience with Radio to further
 quantify its effectiveness."
     The campaign was created by the New York ad agency DeVito/Verdi, which
 last year produced a much-talked-about campaign for the National
 Association of Broadcasters that featured everyone from The Rolling Stones
 and Alicia Keys to Ludacris and Leann Womack.
     The ads target marketers, media buyers and the creative community in a
 way that will drive home the message that radio is too important to ignore.
 Making the connection between what can happen when you fail to use
 something intended to produce results, the campaign's message is
 unmistakable: Ignore radio at your own peril.
     "People have been writing radio's obituary for years, but the truth is:
 there is nothing else that compares with its ubiquity, effectiveness and
 ROI," said Ellis Verdi, president of DeVito/Verdi. "What we're also trying
 to communicate to the creative class is that radio enables you to be much
 freer to write funny, thoughtful or emotional spots - more so than with any
 other medium."
     The campaign will begin appearing in such marketing magazines as
 NEWS and other magazines read by leading advertisers. The RAB has also
 created a dedicated website ( ) that will
 mimic the look of the campaign and offer links to various industry sites
 that offer detailed support to the various facts that run at the bottom of
 each ad (i.e. "Has a 40% better ROI than TV," "Reaches 80 million people in
 cars hourly").
     About the RAB
     The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) is the sales and marketing arm of
 the Radio industry with nearly 7,000 members including close to 6,000
 stations in the U.S., and over 1,000 associate members in networks,
 representative firms, sales, and international organizations.
     About DeVito/Verdi
     DeVito/Verdi (a privately held company) has been recognized as one of
 the most exceptional creative agencies in the industry. The Agency was
 voted best in the country for six years and is known for its award winning
 work for Meijer, Sony, Canon, BMW, Circuit City, Daffy's, Esquire Magazine,
 TimeOut Magazine, Grey Goose Vodka, Jackson Hewitt,,, Mount Sinai Medical Center and NTRA.
     DeVito/Verdi recently launched a highly successful campaign for The NAB
 in support of the radio industry. The Agency was a leading strategic and
 creative resource for Hillary Clinton in the 2000 NY State Senate Campaign
 and developed award winning work for The Citizens For A Strong Senate in
 2004. DeVito/Verdi continues to strive for excellence and maintains a
 unique level of prestige within the advertising industry.

SOURCE Radio Advertising Bureau