New Book From DK Publishing Poses a Unique Theory on Why Bill Clinton Was Destined to Fall for Monica Lewinsky

Was it Really Because 'He Could?'

Jun 25, 2004, 01:00 ET from DK Publishing

    NEW YORK, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Former President Bill Clinton recently
 admitted that he nearly destroyed his marriage by having a fling with Monica
 Lewinsky "just because I could."  But in her new book, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (DK
 Publishing, 2004), author and internationally known portraitist Suzi Malin
 suggests that what Mr. Clinton calls "sophisticated, complicated,
 psychological explanations" for his affair are rather the result of a strong
 visual attraction based on similarities between Monica Lewinsky's face, the
 face of his mother, and his own face.
     In the book LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, Malin explains each concept.
     The first level of visual attraction is called echoism.  "When a man or
 woman meets their echoist match," writes Malin, "the attraction is likely to
 be mutual because both will react to the easily recognizable similarities in
 their features."  By observing photographs of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky
 side by side, one notes that both share eyebrows that are curved like a bird's
 wing, puffy eyes, fleshy cheeks, a rounded base of the nose with similarly
 shaped nostrils, a fleshy, slightly jutting lower lip, and a strong chin and
 jaw line.  Their faces "echo" each other.
     The second level of attraction, according to LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, is
 harmonism.  This refers to the similarities between Bill Clinton's own face
 and Monica Lewinsky's face.  By examining photographs of this pair side by
 side, one notes their similar facial proportions.  "Each likes the way the
 other looks and so feels comfortable with them," writes Malin.  Both Clinton
 and Lewinsky have short noses, a broad jaw line, a short distance between the
 nose and mouth, and a long distance between mouth and chin.
     The third level of attraction is called prima copula, which refers to a
 visual attraction that results when a man meets a woman who resembles his
 first bond: his mother.  Malin notes that both Monica Lewinsky and Virginia
 Clinton have round faces with rounded chins and short necks, wide-set eyes and
 similarly shaped lash lines, short, wide noses with heavy creases on either
 side, and a similar distance from the base of the nose to the front teeth.
 "When in adulthood we meet the person who resembles the first bond our natural
 instinct is to fall in love as we did from the cradle all those years ago,"
 writes Malin.  "Often men jump into these relationships without caution,
 regardless of their responsibilities or position.  Instinctively they trust
 the women because this is the love that goes back to the cradle where
 affection was first learned."
     "It is rare and very lucky when a person belongs to all 3 love
 categories," says Suzi Malin.  "This leads one to believe that the attraction
 between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky may have been very strong ...
 Although Clinton told Dan Rather that his affair with Monica Lewinsky was
 'just because I could,' in light of the visual evidence, I might suggest that
 his answer was incomplete and perhaps should have been 'just because I could -
 not help myself!"
     Why then, did the couple eventually split up? "Clinton's relationship with
 Lewinsky is one instance where pain and public humiliation may sadly have been
 too great to entertain renewal," offers Malin.
     Readers who are curious about additional side-by-side comparisons of
 visual attraction among celebrity couples such as Madonna and Guy Ritchie,
 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi should
 consult a copy of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, available at bookstores now.

SOURCE DK Publishing