New CD Single, `The Declaration of Independence Song,' Puts the Words Of Thomas Jefferson to Music to Teach Students American History

Jan 18, 2002, 00:00 ET from Jack Boyd & Associates

    ALPHARETTA, Ga., Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- To help their daughter complete a
 4th grade homework assignment to memorize the first verses of the Declaration
 of Independence, Jack Boyd and family of Alpharetta, GA put the actual words
 to music and created a song.  "It's a great song and a faster way to learn,"
 said daughter Steffy Boyd.
     With the encouragement of teachers and friends, Jack Boyd and daughter
 Steffy, now 13 years old, produced the song and created a CD.  Visitors to
 Boyd's website, can listen to the song and buy the
     Mrs. Christy Lindsey, 4th grade teacher at Fellowship Christian Academy in
 Roswell, GA, gave the assignment that inspired the song.  Mrs. Lindsey stated,
 "American History is a key part of our elementary curriculum and the
 Declaration of Independence is an important document.  I was excited to hear
 'The Declaration of Independence Song' and see how it helped Steffy complete
 the assignment.  It's a great song!  We plan to use it in our 4th grade
 classroom this year."
     The Boyd's were surprised to discover that many Americans don't know the
 basic facts about The Declaration of Independence.  Mr. Boyd remarked,
 "A survey several years ago revealed that less than 1/3 of respondents knew
 that the phrase, 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
 created equal ...' came from the Declaration of Independence.  About the same
 number of people surveyed did not know that the Declaration was signed in
 Philadelphia and that the Fourth of July holiday celebrated the proclamation
 of American independence from Great Britain."
     However, the events of September 11 have caused a renewed interest in
 America's history.  "Some people are reading America's founding documents like
 the Declaration of Independence for the first time," said Mr. Boyd.  "Our song
 can help students learn an important part of that heritage in a fun way."
     Regarding future plans, Mr. Boyd commented, "We want to help 4th and 5th
 grade teachers find ways to use the song in their classroom.  We are also
 seeking private sponsors who will partner with us to provide the CD's to those
 classrooms at no charge."
     To listen to the song or buy the CD, visit the website,
     Contact:  Jack Boyd, President of Jack Boyd & Associates, +1-770-663-6479,
               or .
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SOURCE Jack Boyd & Associates