New Digital Media Tablet Reference Design Platform Utilizing Empower Technologies' LEOs Digital Media Edition and Texas Instruments' Latest DaVinci(TM) Processor for Portable Video and Audio

LEOs and DM6441 Empowering Digital Media Mobility to New Heights

Jan 15, 2007, 00:00 ET from Empower Technologies

    RICHMOND, British Columbia, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Empower
 Technologies (Empower) is pleased to announce a new Digital Media Tablet
 (DMT) reference design platform using Empower's LEOs Digital Media Edition
 software development suite and Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI) latest
 DaVinci(TM) processor for portable video and audio applications.
     This new DMT reference design is specifically targeted to developers,
 value added integrators and manufacturers innovating portable digital media
 devices for the automotive, RFID and consumer electronics industries. Each
 of these industries require high performance codec computation and control
 operation such as audio/video streaming/recording; high speed wireless
 communication such as WiFi, CDMA, and GPRS; and data processing such as
 data acquisition, analysis and control.
     TI's new DaVinci processor, the TMS320DM6441, consists of a dual-core
 architecture, including an ARM926EJ-S core and TI's high performance
 TMS320C64x+(TM) DSP core. Additionally, the device includes a video/imaging
 coprocessor (VICP) to offload many video and imaging processing tasks from
 the DSP core, making more DSP MIPS available for common video and imaging
 algorithms. For more information on the VICP enhanced codecs, such as
 H.264, MPEG4; and audio codecs, such as Dolby(R) Digital decoding, DTS
 decoding, voice/speech recognition and biometric authentication, please see
     LEOs Digital Media Edition for DM6441 extends the Linux 2.6 kernel to
 provide customers with an integrated software development suite that is
 optimized for portable digital media devices based on the DM6441. The
 software package provides power management, a customizable embedded
 graphical user interface (GUI), xDM codec support, an integrated SQLite
 database, and a comprehensive suite of applications and sample programs
 that take advantage of the superior features of the DM6441 SoC.
     DMT is a reference design embedded platform that resembles an embedded
 solution Lego(TM) set that includes hardware and software building blocks.
 It features multimedia functionalities such as audio and video playback
 (decoding), GUI, SQL compatible database, and communication. Developers,
 value-added integrators and manufacturers will be able to morph DMT into
 any portable/mobile device or audio/video system, including mobile media
 players, stereo receivers, DVD players, flat panel TV/displays, handheld
 data terminals as well as headend units for machineries, incar or inflight
 infoprocessing/infotainment systems.
     With the DMT reference design, developers are armed with complete
 hardware and software necessary to reduce development risk, cost and time.
 LEOs Digital Media Edition for DM6441 software development suite provides
 developers with the ability to rapidly prototype and develop at a reduced
     "The DMT reference design harnesses the high-quality video processing
 performance and power saving modes of TI's DM6441, further demonstrating
 Empower's commitment and attentiveness to the needs of video and consumer
 electronics developers," said Greg Mar, SoC platform marketing manager, TI.
 "Empower's LEOs Digital Media Edition for DM6441 allows developers to take
 advantage of the Linux 2.6 kernel to quickly prototype, differentiate and
 deliver cutting-edge portable digital media devices."
     "Empower's existing LDK591x customers are ready to embrace the next
 embedded CPU platform offered by TI's DaVinci technology. Empower is
 acutely in tune with the growing demand for multimedia/multifunction
 applications in a multicore, multiprocecessor, multithread programming
 environment, with ultra low power to squeeze more from the onboard or
 system power plant. DaVinci technology allows Empower to meet those
 customer demands. Empower's LEOs Digital Media Edition together with TI's
 DaVinci processor for portable video and audio technology will deliver that
 performance to the world of developers, value added integrators and
 manufacturers at the right cost and time-to-market second to none," said
 Mr. Paul Leung, President and CEO of Empower.
     Digital Media Tablet Reference Design from Empower will be available in
 the summer of 2007.
     About the Texas Instruments DSP Third Party Network
     Empower Technologies is a member of the TI DSP Third Party Network, a
 worldwide organization of independent companies that offer products and
 services supporting TI DSPs. TI third parties provide expertise across a
 variety of applications, including audio, control, telecommunications,
 video and imaging and wireless communications. Third party products and
 services include a broad range of application software, development
 hardware and software, and consulting services that support original
 equipment manufacturers' efforts to bring differentiated products to the
 market quickly. For more information about the TI DSP Third Party Network,
 please visit
     About Empower Technologies(TM)
     Founded in 2000, Empower Technologies is an innovative company that
 brings the power and flexibility of the LEOs(R) (LinuxDA Embedded Operating
 System) to the dynamic Consumer Electronics Industry and the emerging
 Intelligent Appliance Market, through their development of Linux-based
 operating software, embedded system technologies and solutions.
     The products and services that form the base of its business activities
 include an embedded system development platform for LEOs(R), based on Texas
 Instruments(TM) embedded CPU platform, that fulfill the needs and demands
 of developers and the Consumer Electronics Industry. Empower is continuing
 to develop LEOs(R) and newer versions of embedded CPU's in line with Texas
     By uniting top professionals from within the computer industry and
 developing quality partnerships and strategic alliances, Empower is
 committed to being the leading developer of Linux-based operating software
 and embedded system technologies and solutions for consumer electronics
 manufacturers and developers.
     Empower's brands are "LEOs(R)," "LinuxDA(TM)," Linux-based embedded
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