New Florida Pelletizing Plant Is Recycling More Than Biosolids; Environmental Focus Uses State of the Art Technology, Good Neighbor Design

May 07, 2003, 01:00 ET from Synagro Technologies Inc.

    HOUSTON, May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- A newly constructed state-of-the-art
 biosolids heat drying and pelletization facility is now providing service for
 Pinellas County, Florida and operating with environmentally friendly designs
 that recycle the wastewater, the air emissions, and the sewage sludge entering
 the plant.
     The Florida facility was designed and built by a team led by Synagro
 Technologies Inc. and is seen as a model biosolids treatment concept by the
 many interested neighboring municipalities that have visited it recently.
 According to County Utilities Director, Pick Talley, "Pinellas County now has
 one of the most sophisticated wastewater facilities in the country.  We are
 delighted to officially open this plant."
     The facility is processing the biosolids within a contained building to
 reduce odors and also is treating the air emissions from the plant to allow
 for a "good neighbor" relationship between the County and surrounding
 residents.  Further, the facility utilizes methane gas produced from other
 portions of the wastewater treatment process as a renewable energy source.
 Utilizing this methane helps reduce greenhouse gases.
     The biosolids heat drying pelletizer recently began operations after a
 formal acceptance of the project by the County which followed their review of
 successful system performance tests conducted in March.  Synagro was
 authorized to initiate the operations of the facility on April 24, 2003.
     The Pinellas County operation is now converting dewatered biosolids into a
 Class AA fertilizer product (approximately 30 dry tons of Class AA biosolids
 are produced daily) which will be marketed by Synagro and distributed for
 commercial and residential use under the Granulite brand name.  Synagro
 currently markets over 150,000 tons of Class AA (Exceptional Quality or EQ)
 pelletized biosolids annually.
     "We are very pleased to have this environmentally and technically advanced
 facility now operational and serving the residents of Pinellas County," said
 Ross M. Patten, Synagro's Chairman and CEO.  "Pinellas County's state-of-the-
 art wastewater treatment facility is providing a cleaner and more pleasant
 environment for the community and basically recycling the water, air and waste
 all under one roof," according to Patten.
     "This is a world-class heat drying facility located within a world-class
 wastewater treatment plant.  It is an excellent example of how public-private
 partnerships can be formed to address municipal biosolids management needs,
 environmental challenges and local community concerns," Patten said.
     Florida Class AA Facility Recycling More Than Biosolids
     Pinellas County Utilities Director, Pick Talley explained, "The completion
 of the privatized heat drying operation by Synagro means that all of the
 wastewater residuals coming into the plant will be recycled.  This includes
 reuse of all the 30 million gallons per day of reclaimed water, the methane
 gas generated during the digestion process that will fuel the biosolids drying
 operation, and the solids product sold to the local Florida fertilizer
     According to Talley, "Today, the South Cross Bayou Water Reclamation
 Facility is one of the most sophisticated wastewater treatment facilities in
 the country.  The social value of total recycling will make the plant a focal
 point of environmental education for the Pinellas County community of over
 one million people."
     Pinellas County awarded Synagro a contract in 2001 to design, build and
 operate a municipal biosolids pelletizing facility using the state-of-the-art
 Andritz Drum Drying System which includes innovative processing features and a
 "good neighbor" design.  The project utilizes the most environmentally and
 technologically advanced biosolids process currently available.  Combined with
 partner company Andritz' now renowned Drum Drying System (DDS), the project
 enabled Pinellas County to build a facility that is invisible to the
 neighborhood and able to deliver treatment service at a reasonable cost to
 local residents.
     Synagro is the largest national company focused on water and wastewater
 residuals management services in the United States, serving over
 1,000 municipal and industrial water and wastewater generators in 35 states
 and the District of Columbia.  The Houston-based company offers a range of
 water and wastewater residuals management services, focusing on the beneficial
 reuse of organic, nonhazardous residuals during the water and wastewater
 treatment process, including the treatment and conversion of sewage sludge
 into biosolids.
     Synagro's residuals management services include collection and
 transportation, land application thermal drying and pelletization,
 incineration, composting, alkaline stabilization, dewatering, cleanout
 services, wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance, product
 marketing, and related record keeping and regulatory reporting services.
     Editors Note:  For additional information on this project, contact Michael
 Engelmann, Pinellas County Utilities Engineering Department, at 727-464-3588.
     For additional online information about Synagro Technologies Inc. contact or call (800) 370-0035.
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