New Generation Gasoline Generators From Kohler Reduce Carbon Monoxide Emissions By 99 Percent

Sep 21, 2005, 01:00 ET from Kohler Co.

    KOHLER, Wis., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Kohler Power Systems, the market
 leader in gasoline-powered marine generators, introduces a new line of marine
 generators that nearly eliminate carbon monoxide (CO) emissions altogether.
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     The new low carbon monoxide KOHLER gasoline generators significantly
 reduce CO emissions by 99 percent, which both EPA emissions and Kohler
 reliability tests confirm. The new KOHLER gasoline generators exceed both CARB
 and EPA standards for CO and HC+ (hydrocarbons) and NOx (nitrogen oxides)
 emission levels, and have received certification from both organizations.
     The Kohler 5ECD and 7.3ECD models are available for immediate delivery,
 while the 10-15kW models will be available in first quarter 2006. Several
 pleasure-craft brands will feature the new KOHLER low carbon monoxide
 generators on 2006 models.
     "We've replaced the carburetor with an adaptive strategy, computer-
 controlled engine utilizing electronic fuel injection that is responsive and
 reduces the carbon monoxide emitted from gasoline-powered generators," said
 Richard Koehl, Director of Engineering-Kohler Power Systems.
     "What's also significant about this new line of low carbon monoxide
 generators is that we've been able to engineer it so that it is simple to
 access and service if necessary," said Koehl, recognizing that the one-side
 serviceability of the fuel filter, cooling system and lubrication system is
 attractive to boat owners. The new bulkhead installation panel also makes
 installation easier due to external connections to the generator. The new
 KOHLER low carbon monoxide generators also feature significantly fewer parts
 than competitive models.
     Maintaining a safe temperature using the generator catalyst technology is
 another innovation Kohler has been able to offer. "We've engineered a way to
 utilize water to cool the generator catalyst, which will keep all the under-
 the-deck generator components cool and therefore, safe to the touch." Kohler
 has filed a provisional patent application on the cool catalyst technology,
 said Koehl.
     Kohler Power Systems has also introduced an engine control module to its
 new line of gasoline generators, which is unique to the market, said Koehl.
 The module and the patented Kohler Advanced Digital Control work in harmony to
 optimize all generator and engine functions so that the engine adapts to the
 requirements of use during its lifetime.
     Generator features
     -- Four-cycle, two-cylinder gasoline engine (3600 RPM at 60Hz) with an
        electronic governor. The engine meets U.S. Coast Guard safety standards
        for electrical systems and gasoline-fuel systems (33CFR183).
     -- The sequential port, throttle body fuel-injected system offers a fuel
        savings of up to 25% over current KOHLER gasoline generator models.
     -- Kohler offers the first and only integrated fuel pump cooler, which
        requires no fuel return line to the fuel tank. A high-pressure pump
        uses sea water as a cooling medium for the internal fuel return. This
        internal fuel "loop" eliminates vapor-loc and the need for an
        additional return fuel line. This allows for a lower overall
        installation cost and allows for easier retrofit to older boats.
     -- The 5 and 7.3ECD generators are compact and lightweight. Both the 5kW
        and 7.3kW KOHLER generators are 17.45"W x 28.45"L x 17.25"H and weigh
        only 200 lbs.
     -- Sound-shielded generator-set installations are simplified with the use
        of the bulkhead connection panel.
     -- Kohler gasoline generators remain one of the quietest in the market.
        Optional aluminum sound shields reduce the generator sound to 68 d(B)A
        at 1 meter.
     Advanced Digital Control
     Never before has Kohler Power Systems offered a more advanced
 microprocessor controller on its range of marine generators. The KOHLER
 Advanced Digital Control (ADC) has been a standard feature on its recently
 released diesel generators (8-32kW) and is now available on its newest
 gasoline generators. Monitoring 13 fault conditions, the ADC was designed to
 deliver more precise voltage and frequency regulation for today's
 sophisticated boating electronics. The ADC offers enhanced diagnostic and
 critical generator operational parameters on an easy-to-read seven-segment
 alphanumeric display. The ADC displays runtime hours, cyclic crank status, and
 system fault codes. The 5 and 7.3ECD features SmartCraft(TM) output
     Kohler Power Systems is a division of Kohler Co., and provides complete
 power systems, including generators (stationary, residential, mobile and
 marine), automatic transfer switches, switchgear, monitoring controls, and
 accessories for emergency, prime power, and energy-management applications.
 Kohler Power Systems delivers energy solutions for markets worldwide. Frost &
 Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, named Kohler Power Systems the
 2003 Energy Industry Company of the Year. Founded in 1873 and headquartered in
 Kohler, Wis., Kohler Co. is one of the nation's oldest and largest privately
 held companies.  Kohler is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of kitchen
 and bath products, utility engines and power-generation systems, home
 interiors, and hospitality services.
     SmartCraft(TM) is a trademark of Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick

SOURCE Kohler Co.