New Health-and-Safety CD-ROM Training Program Brings Industry-Specific Solutions To Drilling Workers

Aug 12, 2004, 01:00 ET from Circadian

    LEXINGTON, Mass., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- In the oil and gas drilling
 industry, where workers spend long hours and extended tours of duty using
 heavy machinery in often harsh environments, safety must be the number-one
 concern.  And it is.  Long since viewed as dangerous work, industry safety
 statistics actually show marked, continual improvement in every measure.  With
 production demand at an all-time high, oil exploration and production
 companies are strengthening their commitment to worker health and safety, by
 re-investing in training and other initiatives.
     But when workers spend two to four weeks at an offshore rig, as part of a
 normal "hitch" or "tour," providing in-person group training can be a real
 challenge.  That's why the Global Drilling Safety Leadership Initiative
 (GDSLI) has partnered with CIRCADIAN, the leading experts in extended hours
 operations, to produce "Extended Hours Employee Training: Health and Safety,"
 the most comprehensive interactive CD-ROM training of its kind currently
 available to the industry.  "For the first time, our industry has a simple,
 powerful tool for improving health and safety, while reducing the costs,
 risks, and liabilities associated with these issues," said Marcel Robichaux,
 Manager of Functional Excellence for drilling engineering and operations for
 ConocoPhillips, and a GDSLI co-chair.
     The one-hour interactive program (and its 33-page companion manual)
 provides critical health and safety information about, and practical solutions
 to, health-and-safety issues affecting those who work long or irregular hours,
 rotating schedules, and/or night shifts, including the following:
     -- Commuting safely to and from work (i.e., journey management)
     -- Managing fatigue, and achieving quality sleep at any hour of the day or
     -- Eating properly during the nightshift: timing and content of food
     -- Avoiding excess use of caffeine, sleeping pills, and other "coping
     -- Understanding circadian physiology to better manage alertness levels
     This easy-to-use CD-ROM program (compatible with the Windows operating
 system) was designed by experts in the areas of work scheduling, fatigue
 management, circadian physiology, nutrition, sleep hygiene, driving safety,
 and family counseling.
     "This program will send a clear message to employees that their company
 appreciates the special challenges they face, and is committed to their health
 and safety," said CIRCADIAN senior vice president, William Sirois.* "And
 what's more, the program can be a real morale-building event."
     Prices start at just $895.  Log on to,
 and click on the link for the training CD to find out more, and to see sample
 video clips from the program.  "This breakthrough training program takes the
 guesswork out of the most important health and safety issues in our industry
 today," said Jimmy Pucket, Area Manager for the Gulf of Mexico Operations at
 Noble Drilling, and a GDSLI co-chair.
     About CIRCADIAN:  Circadian is the leading international research and
 consulting firm assisting companies with extended hours operations to improve
 profitability and employee well-being by increasing productivity and reducing
 the increased costs, risks, and liabilities of human factors.  CIRCADIAN's
 mission is to empower its clients to effectively use extended operations to
 compete in the global 24/7 economy.  Extended hours operations encompass all
 work environments with irregular schedules, night and evening shifts, or
 extended hours, typically outside the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Since its
 incorporation by Dr. Martin Moore-Ede in 1983, more than half the Fortune 1000
 has benefited by working with CIRCADIAN.  For more information, visit
     About the GDSLI: The GDSLI is a non-profit organization whose purpose is
 to improve safety performance and advance safe work practices in drilling rig
 operations by utilizing a multi-disciplined approach involving operators,
 contractors, and service providers with the goal of having an incident-free
 workplace.  It's objectives are to standardize minimum training expectations
 and procedures on an industry-wide basis, to share learning and best
 practices, and communicate same widely, to identify and pursue hardware/tool
 safety improvements or standardization, and to instill a "safety first"
 culture in their industry.
     * Mr. Sirois is available for an interview.  Please call 781.676.6950 to
      Brian O'Neill 781.676.6950

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