New jetBook(R) e-book Reader from ECTACO Set to Change the Way We Read Forever

Mar 24, 2008, 01:00 ET from ECTACO Inc.

    NEW YORK, March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- An astonishing new gadget has just
 been released by ECTACO Inc., the NY-based electronics giant, that will
 change the way we read forever! Known for making award-winning handheld
 translators that have done more than any other company for taking
 translation, travel and learning into the 21st century, ECTACO has now
 unveiled a device that is set to do the same for reading. Kiss your
 old-fashioned, dusty library goodbye and say hello to the jetBook(R) -- the
 clean, smart, eco-friendly way to read. Get ready to have more space on
 your shelves at home, in your luggage when you travel, and on your bedside
 table too.
     jetBook(R) is an incredibly sophisticated e-book reader with a built-in
 mp3 player that allows users to listen to AudioBooks as well as keep up
 with their reading. Preloaded with translating dictionaries, you can
 simultaneously enjoy a good book, improve your vocabulary by looking up and
 translating any words you want, listen to your favorite audio files and
 check out photos -- all in the same device! With an incredibly simple to
 read, large 5-inch, high-resolution display that is easy on the eyes, users
 can now read for hours without the eyestrain that comes from ordinary
 computer screens. And those with trouble reading normal-sized print books
 will benefit from the different fonts and sizes you can change to
 instantly. Weighing in at a remarkable 7 ounces, the super-slim device fits
 easily in the palm of your hand for a truly comfortable reading experience.
     ECTACO, Inc. President and CEO David Lubinitsky recently announced
 that, "The new jetBook(R) now makes it possible to carry around a complete
 library -- from novels to technical documents, even children's books and
 poetry. This completely amazing device lets you sit down and read more
 comfortably than ever before. It really is the book of the future and fully
 eco-friendly. Not a single tree was cut down to make it!"
     With thousands of books that can be downloaded for free, filling the
 "shelves" of this universal library should present no challenges. The only
 problem will be trying to decide which books you want from the vast
 resources now available online. Just download and choose what you want,
 whenever you want it!
     To find out more about the new jetBook(R) and the unlimited
 opportunities for reading in the 21st century visit
     Contact: Boris Krol of ECTACO, Inc., +1-718-728-6110,