New Mini-Documentary Exposes Psychiatric Drugs Turning Kids into Killers

54 Dead and 105 Wounded in Recent Teen and School Shootings

Mar 05, 2008, 00:00 ET from Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    LOS ANGELES, March 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On February 14,
 Illinois gunman Steven Kazmierczak became the 12th shooter in the past
 decade under the influence of psychiatric drugs documented by international
 drug regulatory agencies to cause suicide, mania, psychosis,
 hallucinations, hostility and in the case of one antidepressant, "homicidal
 ideation." With casualties from school or teen shootings now totaling 54
 dead and 105 wounded, the mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on
 Human Rights (CCHR) says it is time to stop vested interests from spouting
 their usual propaganda about psychiatric drugs, and instead demand a
 federal investigation for the sake of public safety. While the
 psychiatric/pharmaceutical industries have persisted in vehemently denying
 that antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs cause violence, CCHR is
 quick to point out that it was similar vested interests that stalled the
 FDA from issuing black box warnings on suicide for more than 13 years. (See
 video from 1991 FDA hearing.
     In a new 11-minute documentary
 ( entitled Psychiatry's
 Prescription For Violence, psychiatrists, psychologists, professors,
 attorneys and medical experts join CCHR in exposing the link between
 psychiatric drugs and acts of violence that have been buried by those
 putting profit before public safety. CCHR's battle for full public
 disclosure on the risks of these drugs spans nearly two decades and is
 chronicled in a new report
 pite_Cover-Ups.pdf) entitled CCHR: Exposing the Dangers of Antidepressants
 and Other Psychotropic Drugs--Despite FDA/Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical
     Today growing numbers of medical professionals, scientists and doctors
 are publishing studies exposing the facts that have been kept from the
 public. In September 2006, Dr. David Healy, Director of Cardiff
 University's North Wales department of psychological medicine, and
 colleagues published the findings of their study of the antidepressant,
 Paxil, in the journal Public Library of Science Medicine stating: "We've
 got good evidence that the drugs can make people violent and you'd have to
 reason from that that there may be more episodes of violence." In a
 2003/2004 analysis of psychiatric drug induced violence/suicide, published
 in International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine, psychiatrist Peter
 Breggin concludes, "There are many reports and studies confirming that SSRI
 [Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor] antidepressants can cause
 violence, suicide, mania and other forms of psychotic and bizarre
     CCHR's new documentary is featured on its website,
 on a section entitled "Psychiatric Drugs, Violence and School Shootings."
 The website also features medical studies regarding treating patients
 without the use of psychiatric drugs under "Solutions/Alternatives."
     What others are saying about the documentary:
     "An excellent tool to educate and empower parents on the abuse and
 proliferation of psychoactive drugs throughout our families and school
 systems. Parents need to be made aware of the devastating effects of these
 poisons on our most cherished resource."
     -Dr. Colbey Forman, Dean of Barron University, School of
     "The documentary is not only excellent qualitatively but extremely
 accurate. The public and the professional communities need to see it."
     -Dr. David Stein, psychologist
     "I know that I have to go back to my own state and do what I can to
 stop the overuse and overprescription of these psychiatric drugs. It is
 imperative that we educate the public and I am sure they will be as
 outraged as I am."
     -Georgia Senator Donzella James
     "A screeching wake-up call to the desensitizing of the human soul."
     -Carlos Ramirez, actor
     To obtain a copy of the documentary go to
     The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an international psychiatric
 watchdog group co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr.
 Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, to investigate and expose
 psychiatric violations of human rights. For more information contact

SOURCE Citizens Commission on Human Rights