New Mobility Strategy From Sprint Will Help Businesses Take Control of Wireless Devices, Spending and Security

Sprint Builds on Commitment to Expand Wireless Business Investments With

Sprint Managed Mobility Services; Sharing Minutes, Managing Orders/Fulfillment

and Deactivating Lost/Stolen Devices Among Key Components

Oct 25, 2004, 01:00 ET from Sprint

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sprint (NYSE:   FON)
 today announced plans that will make it the first major telecommunications
 provider to offer complete, end-to-end management of wireless devices and
 services for business customers.
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     Sprint Managed Mobility Services will build on Sprint's strategy to focus
 on the high-growth wireless area of its business while developing solutions
 that meet the increasing needs of its customers for mobility, security and
 easy wireless management.
     Until now, customers either managed complex wireless solutions for
 themselves or paid vendors to procure, replace and upgrade devices; manage
 device inventory; and handle wireless security risks.  The result:  high costs
 and inefficiency -- major barriers to the adoption of reliable mobile worker
     Sprint Managed Mobility Services will save businesses money and time,
 while making managing wireless as easy, predictable and efficient as managing
 traditional long-distance services.  It can make the management of wireless
 devices and applications as simple and effective as systems that now manage
 laptops and desktops for companies of all sizes.  Sprint is currently in
 trials with around a dozen customers and will launch in early first quarter
     Sprint Managed Mobility Services Components
     For the business customer who asks, "How do I reduce waste in my calling
 plans?", or "What do I do if a device carrying highly sensitive data is lost
 or stolen on the road?", or "How can I make sure that when I replace a device
 it has the same applications, security and management controls of the old
 one?", Sprint Managed Mobility Solutions provides answers.
     Specifically, Sprint Managed Mobility Services will include:
     -- Security management -- Remote disablement, data encryption and
        passwords will all be managed by Sprint so customers can be more
        confident that critical information will be protected.
     -- Configuration management -- Sprint will deliver "over the air"
        installation of critical software components minimizing the IT
        management costs associated with distributing software and eliminating
        the need for customers to tether devices to a computer.
     -- Provisioning/fulfillment -- Sprint will handle all orders for initial
        devices, replacements, upgrades and accessories.
     -- Asset management -- Sprint will help customers manage mobile devices
        with the detail, efficiency and security with which they typically
        manage laptops and other technology assets.
     -- Billing management/Shared Sprint PCS wireless minutes -- Customers will
        be able to eliminate waste on individual usage plans by pooling Sprint
        PCS wireless minutes (an employee on a corporate purchased plan can
        draw from a common pool of minutes).  The service also includes e-
        billing, plan maintenance, bill analysis and other components.
     A New Approach for Business Mobility
     Sprint Managed Mobility Services will also complement Sprint's deployment
 of broadband EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized) technology across its wireless
 network.  As businesses begin deploying a larger number of data-capable
 wireless devices and applications across EV-DO, Sprint's end-to-end management
 services will provide significant expertise, cost savings and peace of mind.
 EV-DO will accelerate mobile device data speeds up to 10 times faster than on
 today's network, enabling LAN-like access to critical information.  This means
 more powerful applications can be shared across wireless and wireline networks
 -- a distinct Sprint advantage.
     "Sprint Managed Mobility Services plays to Sprint's strength -- its
 leadership in the wireless space and its unmatched portfolio of wireless and
 wireline solutions," said Howard Janzen, president - Sprint Business
 Solutions.  "By managing business customers' wireless needs from end to end,
 Sprint can deliver a better customer experience and improve customers'
 efficiency and cost profile.  Sprint has offered Sprint Managed Network(SM)
 Services for years for long-distance data services, and our ability to
 leverage that model, experience and expertise to meet emerging needs in the
 wireless space is an advantage.  Most wireless carriers that lack that
 heritage and will struggle to duplicate it."
     Customer Point of View
     Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company is among the current trial customers for
 Sprint Managed Mobility Services.  According to Bob Johnson, senior vice
 president, Information Services, security and efficiency are two of the
 highest priorities for the company, which manages more than $16 billion in
 assets.  "We need the ability to instantly distribute new, advanced
 applications over the air to thousands of employees nationwide without needing
 to physically handle every device.  Better management of our wireless assets
 will help me maximize the value of every dollar that I spend and give me the
 peace of mind that my wireless assets are secure, protected and completely
 up-to-date.  Ultimately, these benefits translate into a competitive advantage
 and success with our customers."
     Industry Trend
     The new services come as industry analysts say that the fastest growing
 enterprise telecom expense is wireless, with millions of dollars being spent
 on managing devices, mobile plans and security.
     "Businesses are demanding the same kind of security, predictability and
 efficiency from wireless services, devices and applications that they have
 come to expect from traditional wireline services," said Phillip Redman,
 Research Vice President with Gartner, Inc.  "Not only are wireless expenses
 growing quickly, but security concerns and the need to quickly deploy advanced
 applications to a mobile workforce continue to be priorities for IT
 executives. Demand is increasing for effective management of all of the
 elements that make up business mobility."
     The announcement of SMMS comes shortly after Sprint broke new ground by
 launching wireless service level agreements for business.  Launched in August
 2004, the new wireless SLAs represent the only national program in the
 communications industry to offer service credits to businesses with
 corporate-sponsored (or company-paid) wireless subscribers based on the
 performance of the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.  The SLAs provide
 commitments for voice service reliability based on measuring dropped calls,
 blocked calls and network voice availability.
     About Sprint
     Sprint is a global integrated communications provider serving more than 26
 million customers in over 100 countries.  With more than $26 billion in annual
 revenues in 2003, Sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering and
 deploying state-of-the-art network technologies, including the United States'
 first nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network and an award-winning Tier 1
 Internet backbone.  Sprint provides local communications services in 39 states
 and the District of Columbia and operates the largest 100-percent digital,
 nationwide PCS wireless network in the United States. For more information,
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