New National ID Card for Guyana

Jan 10, 2001, 00:00 ET from De La Rue Identity Systems

    LONDON, Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The following press release was issued
 today by De La Rue Identity Systems:
     Guyana has asked De La Rue Identity Systems to produce a new, secure
 national identity card in time for the Republic's general elections in
 March 2001.
     The Guyana Elections Commission has asked De La Rue Identity Systems to
 produce a new national ID card for their citizens that will also be used for
 voter identification at the country's upcoming general elections.
 The elections take place in March 2001.  De La Rue developed a new system for
 the end of December 2000 that will be capable of producing 600,000 new cards
 in less than two months.
     The Chairman of the Elections Commission, Major General Joe Singh said
 that political parties and stakeholders had been consulted regarding the
 contract decision.  Major General Singh went on to say, "We wanted to work
 with a partner that could successfully meet our tight delivery deadlines and
 ensure that the system and identity card would support a fair and democratic
 election process.  De La Rue Identity Systems are completely trusted within
 government circles and they also have a very successful track record in
 understanding and implementing government identity schemes."
     Guyana's new teslin identity card is ID 1 sized with a digital image and
 signature of the bearer.  It incorporates new advanced covert and overt
 security features that will help in the fight against fraudsters and
 counterfeiters.  ID theft is one of the fastest growing areas of fraud
 worldwide, with an estimated increase of around 40% annually.*
     The new system is based on De La Rue's own Multiple Identity Document
 Issuing System (MIDIS) which is an industry standard, open systems'
 technology, used to manage secure document issuance and record management in
 over 30 countries worldwide.  Since being installed in Singapore one year ago
 the MIDIS passport system has achieved around 100% uptime.  It also captures
 images and text data at 121 offices around New York State, to securely produce
 26,000 driver's licenses per day.  In Guyana MIDIS will provide a secure audit
 trail during a tightly condensed production period leading up to the general
 elections in March.
     Adam Trill, Sales Development Manager commented,
 "The new Guyanese identity card will play a key role in a fair and democratic
 elective process.  We understand the needs of the government and are pleased
 to be able to continue to support them in achieving their goals."
     Part of De La Rue's Global Services Division, Identity Systems provides
 services and products for secure national identification, driver's license and
 passport issuing schemes all over the world.  De La Rue Identity Systems
 invests heavily in research and development programmes and works alongside
 organisations such as Interpol, the International Civil Aviation Organisation
 (ICAO) and the United Nations.  Pioneering new technologies from brand
 protection through to long-life cards, De La Rue is recognised for supplying
 quality, innovation, integrity and above all, security.
     In Guyana De La Rue has supplied banknotes for over eighty years and also
 supplied the original national identity system in 1997.
     (*Reference Privacy Rights Clearing House, San Diego, 1999)

SOURCE De La Rue Identity Systems