New Partnership Brings Unprecendented Risk Management Capabilities to Transportation and Insurance Industries

Jun 15, 2004, 01:00 ET from CIRCADIAN

    LEXINGTON, Mass., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- In a first-of-its-kind strategic
 partnership, CIRCADIAN, the leading experts in extended hours operations, has
 joined forces with FleetRisk Advisors, LLC, a major provider of risk-
 management services to transportation companies, insurance underwriters, and
 insurance information providers.
     Under the 10-year partnership, FleetRisk will enhance its risk-assessment
 and advisory and reporting services through licensed use of CIRCADIAN's
 proprietary Circadian Alertness Simulator (CAS) software to predict patterns
 of driver fatigue and alertness.  "Fatigue is one of the primary loss causes
 in many sectors of the transportation industry," said FleetRisk Chairman, Sam
 Wilkes.  "To address this major loss cause, we partnered with Circadian, the
 leader in fatigue management with the most extensive record of proven value in
 the trucking and transportation sector."
     This is the first venture ever to combine the technology of telematics
 with the technology of managing fatigue.  "This is very exciting, because we
 are moving toward getting real-time assessments of alertness for drivers,"
 said Todd Dawson, head of CIRCADIAN's research and development team, which
 developed the CAS software.
     CIRCADIAN data show that a risk-informed, performance-based approach like
 this one can reduce dangerous driver high fatigue risk by nearly 25 percentage
 point, and decrease accident rates by 60%.
     About CIRCADIAN:  CIRCADIAN is the leading international research and
 consulting firm assisting companies with extended hours operations to improve
 profits by increasing productivity and reducing the increased costs, risks,
 and liabilities of human factors.  CIRCADIAN's mission is to empower its
 clients to effectively use extended operations to compete in the global 24/7
 economy.  Extended hours operations encompass all work environments with
 irregular schedules, night and evening shifts, or extended hours, typically
 outside the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Since its incorporation by Dr. Martin
 Moore-Ede in 1983, more than half the Fortune 1000 has benefited by working
 with CIRCADIAN.  For more information, visit
     About FleetRisk Advisors, LLC:  FleetRisk is a pioneer in the emerging
 field of Information Technology Based Risk Management Services.  These
 services utilize extensive relational databases, advanced in-vehicle
 monitoring systems, and sophisticated analytics to help fleet owners identify
 specific causes of loss, implement effective countermeasures, and monitor the
 performance of both safety and operational efficiency programs.  When
 accidents or loss events do occur, FleetRisk provides optional "event
 management" services for claim reporting and litigation support.
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