New PC X Server Tool Brings UNIX and Linux to Every Windows Desktop

Industry-First Capabilities Enhance Windows-UNIX/Linux Interoperability

Aug 28, 2002, 01:00 ET from StarNet Communications Corp.

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- StarNet Communications Corp., a
 leading publisher of Windows-to-UNIX/Linux connectivity software, announced
 the addition of industry-first capabilities in Version 5.4 of its top-rated X-
 Win32 PC X server.  The new X-Admin32 tool allows Windows users with no
 previous UNIX or Linux experience to run even the most sophisticated CAD and
 CAE applications on powerful UNIX and Linux host systems.  A new automated
 Error Logging feature further enhances StarNet's free tech support program.
     X-Admin32 enables companies to provide Windows users with easy access to
 UNIX and Linux software, from word processing and other business applications
 to high-end IC design tools, explained Steven Schoch, Chief Executive Officer
 of StarNet.  "X-Admin32 eliminates the need to teach Windows users how to set
 up sessions on remote hosts.  End users without any prior knowledge of UNIX or
 Linux can now instantly work productively with X Windows-based applications."
     X-Admin32 allows managers to create sessions to UNIX and Linux servers and
 save those sessions, including all preferred settings, to a file.  The file
 can be emailed to Windows users or placed in a shared folder on the local area
 network.  Simply double-clicking the attachment will install the sessions on
 the user's computer.  Running the sessions from X-Win32 will display the
 UNIX/Linux applications up on the user's Windows desktop.  "By making UNIX and
 Linux transparent to the user, companies can leverage the cost and performance
 advantages of UNIX and Linux throughout their enterprise.  Since many X
 Windows applications offer the same look-and-feel as Windows software, users
 will immediately work productively with these programs," Schoch said.
     X-Admin32 is the first tool of its kind in the PC X server market, within
 which X-Win32 ranked as the top-rated X server for Windows computers in a
 recent performance comparison published in Network Computing Magazine.
     Another first-of-a-kind feature included in Version 5.4 is an "Error
 Logging" capability.  Users experiencing problems with an X Windows
 application can turn on the Error Logging feature which captures all system
 activity up to the point of failure.  The data is saved as a file that can be
 emailed to an internal help desk or to StarNet's support staff for review.
     Error Logging will enable StarNet to further improve its technical support
 services which is provided at no cost to customers for the life of their
 licenses, explained Daniel Lam, who manages StarNet's Technical Support
 program.  "Data from Error Logs help us determine quickly if we are dealing
 with a simple configuration issue or a bug.  In either case, our turn-around
 time on providing solutions will be greatly reduced with this new feature."
     Download and Try
     X-Win32 Version 5.4 can be downloaded from A 2-month trial license is available
 from this page.
     Fast, Friendly and Affordable
     X-Win32 offers high-speed SSH, RSH, REXEC and XDMCP connections between
 Windows desktop computers and UNIX/Linux host systems, including Sun Solaris,
 IBM AIX, HP/UX, Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera, Mandrake and others.  X-Win32 provides
 intuitive point-and-click access from Windows-based desktops to Linux and UNIX
     Last year, X-Win32 became the first PC X Server to offer fully integrated
 SSH functionality by allowing users to set up secure connections between their
 PC and Host.  Support for complex 3-D OpenGL applications was also added in
 2001.  X-Win32 was rated as the "Best PC X Server" in an independent
 performance comparison of nine PC X server products published in Network
 Computing Magazine ( ).
     X-Win32 lists at US$249.00 with volume discounts available for commercial,
 government and educational users.  StarNet offers a concurrent (floating)
 network license that further reduces customers' cost per seat.  X-Win32
 licenses include tech support for the life of the license and includes free
 upgrade coverage for all full and patch releases issued within a year from the
 date of purchase.
     About StarNet Communications ( and
     Located in Silicon Valley, StarNet develops and markets PC X server
 software for networked PCs in multi-platform corporate, educational and
 government organizations.  StarNet's line of X-Win32 PC X server products
 offer cost-effective X terminal emulation on networked Windows-based PCs and
 workstations.  StarNet also offers other platform interoperability solutions
 from its X-Solutions web site.  StarNet was founded in 1989 and became one of
 the first companies to build its marketing and sales operations around the
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SOURCE StarNet Communications Corp.