New Pre-Insulated Pipe From Aspen Aerogels and Shaw Pipe Saves Installation Cost and Time at Canadian Oil Sands Site

Oct 31, 2007, 01:00 ET from Aspen Aerogels

    NORTHBOROUGH, Mass., Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Aspen Aerogels is
 providing its leading aerogel insulation material to Shaw Pipe's Insul-8(R)
 AG (above ground) pre-insulated pipe, which will reduce total installed
 costs, installation time and energy costs at the Athabasca Oil Sands
 reserve in Alberta, Canada.
     Under a new contract with Suncor Energy Inc., Shaw Pipe will provide
 800 meters of 24-inch, Insul-8(R) AG pre-insulated pipe for Suncor's
 Firebag project. Shaw Pipe will pre-insulate the pipe at its Edmonton,
 Alberta, facility prior to delivery to Firebag.
     Providing Suncor with a pre-insulated pipe is expected to significantly
 reduce site insulation labor costs and be faster than insulating the pipe
 in place at the congested, space-constrained Firebag site. It also will
 reduce project impact on site traffic that is in close proximity to the
 pipe right of way.
     Insul-8(R) AG pre-insulated pipe contains Pyrogel(R) insulation
 manufactured by Aspen Aerogels. The increased thermal performance achieved
 by using Pyrogel(R) will allow Suncor to eliminate electric heat tracing on
 the pipeline, saving both capital costs and operating expenses. Since
 aerogel is more efficient than traditional pipe insulation, Suncor will
 also see significant energy savings on this section of pipe.
     Insul-8(R) AG will deliver additional benefits to Suncor:
     - Space and weight savings: Aerogel is thinner and lighter than any other
     insulation, enabling the pipe to fit in space-confined areas. There will
     also be minimal freight cost for the insulation, since it will be
     transported on the pipe.
     - Reduced impact on site traffic: Materials and workers for insulating the
     pipe will be off site at Shaw Pipe's facility in Edmonton.
     - Reduced scaffolding requirements.
     - Minimized heat loss: Utilizing bolt-on pipe supports in place of welded
     shoes will reduce heat loss.
     - Reduced weather impact: Shaw Pipe will insulate the pipe indoors,
     eliminating weather-related schedule delays.
     About Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
     Aspen Aerogels supplies nanoporous aerogel insulation that is two to
 four times more effective than traditional insulation materials. Aspen's
 insulation solutions enable customers to conserve energy and save money in
 a variety of industries including: oil and gas production and processing,
 LNG shipping and storage, outdoor apparel, building construction,
 appliance, transportation and more.

SOURCE Aspen Aerogels