New Solar Gard Automotive Window Film Hits the Market

Offering complete range of products from clear on glass to traditionally


Jun 21, 2006, 01:00 ET from Bekaert

    SAN DIEGO, June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Solar Gard Supreme and Solar Gard
 Ultra Performance, the newest industry-leading, sun-protective automotive
 window film lines are now available in the U.S. The new Solar Gard
 offerings give consumers exceptional solar control and protection, color
 stability, and a lifetime warranty -- with finishes ranging from the
 traditionally darkened tint to a pioneering clear, transparent appearance.
     "The new Solar Gard window films are for individuals who want to
 improve their driving climate, and who seek protection from the damaging
 effects of the sun on their skin and interior cabin space," said Peter
 Lovasz, product market manager. "Supreme and Ultra Performance are the
 direct result of state- of-the-art window film research and development
 efforts, making possible a virtually colorless film with all the solar
 control benefits of a dark-tinted or reflective product. In short, these
 new products make it possible for consumers to reap the immediate and
 long-term benefits of window film with the option for adding privacy to
 their glass or maintaining its clear appearance."
     Ultra Performance
     Ultra Performance is designed for consumers who seek to filter out the
 sun's harmful rays without changing the appearance of their vehicle's
 windows. Ultra Performance's nanotechnology-enabled performance maintains
 clear glass appearance, while being the first on the market to provide a
 75% visible light transmission (VLT) level and an optional 49% VLT film
 that is lightly tinted. Other key benefits of Ultra Performance 75 include:
     * Total solar energy rejection performance of 40-48%;
     * Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet rays, protecting automobile interiors from
       premature fading;
     * Suitable for installation onto factory-tinted glass;
     * Complies with over 75% of U.S. states' tinting laws.
     Solar Gard Supreme
     Solar Gard Supreme is an upgrade to the traditionally dark, sleek and
 stylish window film. This series is a complement to factory-tinted windows,
 and is a choice option for car owners who want the traditional look of
 tinted windows. Solar Gard Supreme comes in visible light transmission
 levels of 6, 8, 18 and 28%. Other benefits of Solar Gard Supreme include:
     * Total solar energy rejection performance ranging 16-42%;
     * Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet rays, protecting automobile interiors from
       premature fading;
     * Extruded-dyed polyester offers dark, matte finish that will not degrade
       with exposure to the sun.
     Both Ultra Performance and Supreme are made using an advanced process
 which is non-metallized, and the films are not traditionally dyed, which
 enhances performance and finish. This allows for the film's unparalleled
 color stability, maintaining appearance without turning purple. Further,
 the films do not interfere with radio frequencies, maintaining complete use
 of cell phones, AM/FM radio and GPS. Both lines have scratch-resistant
 coatings and are easily cleaned and maintained. In addition, both series
 carry a limited lifetime warranty.
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