New Spaceloft(R) Insul-Cap(TM) From Aspen Aerogels Improves Thermal Efficiency of Wall Framing

Saves energy costs without altering standard construction

Sep 18, 2007, 01:00 ET from Aspen Aerogels

    NORTHBOROUGH, Mass., Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Aspen Aerogels is
 introducing Spaceloft Insul-Cap, a new nanotechnology-based aerogel
 insulation product that adds R-value to wood- and steel-frame buildings,
 improving their energy efficiency.
     Spaceloft Insul-Cap is made of a 3/8" thick strip of flexible aerogel
 blanket, the world's most efficient insulation material. The strips are
 applied onto a building's framing, inside or outside, prior to sheathing.
 This eliminates thermal bridging, in which heat travels through the
 framing, resulting in heating or cooling loss.
     Spaceloft Insul-Cap can add up to an R4.0 to standard wall framing,
 with dramatic results:
     * The thermal performance of a steel-frame wall can improve 40 percent,
       increasing to R11, the equivalent of a wood-frame wall.
     * A wood-frame wall's thermal performance can improve by more than
       15 percent.
     This can save the average homeowner up to $750 per year in energy costs
 and reduce the average home carbon footprint by several tons per year.
     Spaceloft Insul-Cap's thin 3/8" profile allows it to fit between
 framing and sheathing without altering standard construction. It is applied
 in strips with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing or staples. It can be
 customized to fit on headers, rim joists, corners, rafters, window flashing
 and other hard-to- insulate areas.
     To see a demonstration of Spaceloft Insul-Cap, visit Aspen Aerogels at
 booth 1462 at the 2007 METALCON show in Las Vegas, Oct. 3-5.
     About Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
     Aspen Aerogels supplies nanotechnology-enabled aerogel insulation
 products that are two to four times more effective than traditional
 insulation materials. Aspen Aerogels' solutions deliver thermal and other
 benefits that enable customers to conserve energy and save money in a
 variety of industries including: building and construction, oil and gas
 production and processing, LNG shipping and storage, outdoor apparel,
 appliance, transportation, military and aerospace.

SOURCE Aspen Aerogels