New Website Launched for Traffic Safety Technology

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Aug 04, 2000, 01:00 ET from Safety Warning Systems, L.C.

    ENGLEWOOD, Fla., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Safety Warning System, L.C. is
 pleased to announce the launch of its new Internet Website,
 Developed by scientists at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, the Safety
 Warning System(R) (SWS) is a transmitter-receiver system that alerts motorists
 over one mile in advance of any one of a number of potential road hazards. SWS
 transmitters broadcast coded signals triggering one of 64 pre-programmed
 messages in SWS-enabled receivers situated in motorists' vehicles.  The
 receiver produces an audible alert followed by an LED display of the text
 message, with some models also delivering a vocalized announcement of the
 message.  First introduced in 1996, there are an estimated 10 million SWS-
 enabled radar detectors (receivers) on the road today.
     Visitors to the website can view the current list of SWS
 Text Messages, read about SWS transmitter locations in their area and learn
 about the technology and the history behind the Safety Warning System(R).
     According to Janice Lee, president of SWS, L.C., "The new Safety Warning
 System(R) website is a wonderful opportunity for motorists, state and local
 government officials and lawmakers to learn more about the SWS, an exciting
 innovation in traffic safety that can potentially save lives on our nation's
 roadways."  Ms. Lee went on to state, "We are so excited about the new SWS
 website because it is a one-stop resource where motorists can learn more about
 the many safety benefits of the Safety Warning System(R) and also find out how
 they can help to get SWS transmitters installed in their areas. The numerous
 state government and transportation links alone are worth a trip to"
     Ms. Lee is referring to an impressive feature of the
 website, its extensive directory of hyperlinks to other websites that deal
 with traffic congestion control, highway safety, general transportation and
 intelligent transportation systems. The SWS website directory includes
 hyperlinks to topic-related resources, such as general transportation, state
 government websites (including state transportation, public safety/police and
 information technology agencies). There are even hyperlinks to industry/trade
 associations and metropolitan planning organizations.
     Safety Warning System, L.C. licenses the technology to manufacturers of
 both the transmitters and receivers. SWS transmitters are produced by MPH
 Industries, Inc., of Owensboro, Kentucky.  BG Tech America, Inc., of Fort Lee,
 New Jersey, and SK Global America, Inc., of New York, New York, are licensed
 manufacturers of the receivers in the United States in addition to SWS, L.C.'s
 member companies, Escort, Inc., of West Chester, Ohio; Uniden America
 Corporation, of Fort Worth, Texas; and The Whistler Group, of Bentonville,
 Arkansas, and Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

SOURCE Safety Warning Systems, L.C.