New Wireless ID Skin Patch Technology Designed to Reduce Medical Errors

Nov 05, 2007, 00:00 ET from Gentag, Inc.

    WASHINGTON and GLASGOW, Scotland, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical errors
 may soon be a relic of the past. Smart, wireless, RFID skin patches for
 identification and diagnostic applications are now being manufactured by
 Frank Sammeroff Ltd., who has formed a strategic alliance with Gentag, Inc.
 for the production of the patches.
     "By combining cell phones with RFID skin patches, we feel that medical
 errors in hospitals worldwide can be reduced significantly, resulting in
 major cost benefits," announced Dr. John Peeters, the founder of Gentag.
     "Our unique, patented, non-invasive solution combines disposable skin
 patches with RFID tags and cell phones and will allow physicians and nurses
 to use their cell phones or wireless PDAs to update medical charts, time of
 patient visit, drug administration, and also be immediately warned about
 possible drug interactions, prior to drug delivery.
     "It is anticipated that these RFID skin patches and matching cell-phone
 software will be competitively priced to allow hospitals worldwide to use
 the technology."
     "Frank Sammeroff Ltd. is pleased to add this innovative technology to
 its product portfolio," Lawrence Sammeroff, the chairman of the company
 said, adding, "We expect large quantities of RFID skin patches to be sold
 to hospitals but also to organizations such as amusement parks, where the
 ID skin patches could be used for entrance control, payment services, and
 for child identification and child location. Sammeroff will market the
 smart skin patches under its own label and will also offer private-label
     The smart skin patches are thin, flexible, and wash proof, thus
 allowing comfortable wear for anyone. The skin patches allow for writing on
 them by pen, as well as writing data to the chip or to a remote website.
     Gentag, Inc. is a technology development company focusing on the
 creation of innovative, low-cost, wireless sensor technologies based on
 cell phones. The company owns a unique intellectual property IP portfolio
 relating to cell- phone sensor combinations and wireless sensor networks.
     Frank Sammeroff Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of surgical dressings
 and other healthcare products. The company was established in 1939.
     For media inquiries please contact Marc Onigman at (617) 413-2830
 (Gentag) or Lawrence Sammeroff (Chairman of Frank Sammeroff Ltd) at
     For commercial inquiries please contact either
 or for pricing, licensing, and distribution options.
     For more information, visit and

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