New Worker, Management Alliance Focused on Strengthening Manufacturing, Tackling Key Issues

China's unfair trading practices one of many issues that threaten U.S.

workers, manufacturers; health care, retirement security also on AAM agenda

Apr 26, 2007, 01:00 ET from Alliance for American Manufacturing

    WASHINGTON, April 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Several of the nation's
 leading manufacturers and their workers have come together to forge a new
 alliance aimed at strengthening American manufacturing and tackling key
 issues facing the nation's industrial base, its workers and the broader
 U.S. economy.
     The non-partisan, non-profit Alliance for American Manufacturing is a
 labor-management partnership focused on finding common sense solutions on
 issues ranging from health care and retirement security to enforcing and
 strengthening trade laws to hold China and other countries accountable for
 unfair trading practices. AAM's partners include the United Steelworkers
 and several major manufacturers.
     "The challenges we face -- whether it's a broken health care system or
 an unfair trading system -- affect real people and real communities all
 across the country," said Leo Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers.
 "American workers in many ways are under attack; we've lost 3.2 million
 manufacturing jobs since 2000. Our alliance is coming together at a
 critical time when people are tired of one-sided fighting and are looking
 for a real commitment to finding common ground and ensuring a strong
 industrial economy."
     This innovative partnership between workers and the companies offers a
 unique opportunity to create policy recommendations that will help American
 workers and companies compete and succeed in the global marketplace.
     "A strong manufacturing base is essential to being a strong nation,"
 said Patrick Hassey, chairman, president and CEO of Allegheny Technologies.
 "Our investments in technology and innovation have helped make our workers
 and our facilities the best in the world. So, it's not a matter of not
 being able to compete. We can compete. It's a matter of competing in a
 global market that's fair and equitable. Working together, we have the best
 opportunity to make that possible."
     AAM has already launched on online fact-based resource center at to engage manufacturers, workers, policymakers
 and the media on crucial issues, including international trade, currency
 manipulation, health care, energy, retirement security, and manufacturing's
 role in national security.
     Additionally, AAM is encouraging others to join the dialogue on these
 issues through its new blog, From hot-button political
 and policy issues, to comments on the latest news and research, the blog is
 a forum for opinions, ideas and discussion.
     AAM is partnering with leading public policy institutions, academics
 and others on research, including reports to be released in the coming
 weeks on the enforcement of current trade laws and the impact of the U.S.
 trade deficit with China on American jobs.
     "Because of who is at the table in this alliance, we have a unique and
 exciting opportunity to help raise the level of discussion on these issues,
 and constructively influence how America and its policymakers answer
 crucial questions on international trade policy and the economic security
 of not just our workers and companies, but our country as a whole," said
 Scott N. Paul, AAM's executive director.
     Facts about American Manufacturing:
     --  American manufacturing directly employs 14 million workers and creates
         an additional 8 million jobs in other sectors.
     --  American manufacturing is the largest single contributor to the U.S.
     --  As a share of gross state product (GSP), manufacturing is the largest
         sector in 10 states and in the Midwest region as a whole. It is the
         second largest in nine states and third largest in 21 others.
     --  American manufacturing is responsible for two-thirds of research and
         technology development investment in the U.S.
     --  Nearly 80 percent of all patents filed in the U.S. originate in the
         manufacturing sector.
     --  American manufacturers are the leading buyers of new technology in the
     --  Since 2000, the U.S. has lost 3.2 million manufacturing jobs and seen
         more than 40,000 facilities close.
     --  American manufacturing today is about making steel, tires and cars,
         but also about nanotechnology, biotechnology, life-saving medical
         devices, robotics, lasers and other cutting-edge products that are
         vital to the U.S. maintaining its role as a world leader.
     --  American manufacturers supply our advanced materials for equipment
         like the Joint Strike Fighter, the Bradley fighting vehicle, the
         Abrams tank and our naval fleet, which are vital to our national
     The Alliance for American Manufacturing is a unique non-partisan, non-
 profit partnership forged to strengthen manufacturing in the U.S. AAM
 brings together a select group of America's leading manufacturers and the
 United Steelworkers to promote creative policy solutions on priorities such
 as international trade, energy security, health care, retirement security,
 currency manipulation, and other issues of mutual concern. For more

SOURCE Alliance for American Manufacturing