New York City's Legendary CBGB's Launches Record Label; CBGB's Records, Ltd. Brings Cutting-Edge Music to Stores Nationwide

Jun 24, 1998, 01:00 ET from CBGB's

    NEW YORK, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- CBGB's, the legendary club that
 introduced the world to groundbreaking acts like Talking Heads, Television,
 Blondie, the Ramones, and Patti Smith, has launched CBGB's Records, Ltd.
 Celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and still going strong, the club
 that's been in the forefront of live music decided to establish its own label
 to give a wider audience to some of the exciting new talent currently
 performing on the club's stage.  After 25 years, club founder Hilly Kristal
 has formed CBGB's Records, Ltd.  Producer and 1998 Touchstone Award winner
 Genya Ravan (the Dead Boys, Ronnie Spector, etc.) will be Head of Production
 and Promotion for the new independent label.
     Kristal is renowned for spotting new talent.  To scores of musicians past
 and present, CBGB's is where it all begins.  Finding a rock act that hasn't
 performed at the club at some point in their career is as difficult as finding
 a square inch of wall space in the club that's not layered with band posters,
 flyers, and stickers.  It's CBGB's organic creative scene that makes it a
 natural for presenting new music as an independent label.  Current releases
 are The Wives "Ripped" and Ricanstruction's "Liberation Day", two acts who
 have been able to develop strong NYC followings, partly due to the support of
 clubs such as CBGB's.
     The Wives are three women who rock hard, with the talent, attitude and the
 hardcore fanbase to bring it off in style.  A brief tour in support of their
 release "Ripped" (produced By Ravan) included a stop at SXSW in March and
 earned them press accolades and many devoted new fans.  The Wives most
 recently appeared at CBGB's along with fellow up-and-coming acts Market,
 Mindless Self Indulgence, and the Xecutioners, at a fundraiser presented by
 Devil's Advocate, with proceeds going to Camp Cool J.  The next opportunity to
 catch their incendiary live act: June 25th (with CIV) at CBGB's.
     Ricanstruction's CD is entitled "Liberation Day," a sure tip-off that this
 five-member band takes its politics as seriously as its Latino-infused blend
 of punk-rock, funk and rap.  Ricanstruction recently played two dates in
 Vieques, Puerto Rico; these shows were also benefits, raising funds and
 awareness for the Vieques Environmental Collective.
     Ravan recently wrapped up production duties for Certain General and is
 currently at Unique Studios with Dripping Goss.  The label expects to release
 CDs by these NYC-based artists in August, 1998.  All releases will be
 distributed to retail by CBGB's Records, Ltd.
     In the past few weeks CBGB's has hosted evenings as diverse as Arto
 Lidsay's birthday celebration, a tattoo festival headlined by the Lunachicks,
 and sadly, a memorial for Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics.  A much happier
 event took place a few weeks ago at CB's 313 Gallery when Woody Harrelson put
 in a surprise appearance during Jerry Joseph's set, joining the
 singer-songwriter on vocals and acoustic guitar for two numbers.
     CBGB & OMFUG was established in 1973 by Hilly Kristal.  The club is
 credited with breaking the punk scene in New York City and continues to
 present cutting-edge music acts.  The acoustic songwriter venue CB's 313
 Gallery was opened in 1990.  CB's Lounge was established in the fall of 1997
 and has already earned a reputation as a premier venue for special events and
 residencies for developing artists.