News World Communications Announces Plans to Strengthen Media Companies

Jun 15, 2007, 01:00 ET from News World Communications LLC

    WASHINGTON, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- News World Communications LLC today
 announced the implementation of an ambitious strategy to realign its media
 properties for increased competitiveness and profitability in the 21st
 century marketplace.
     "After an extensive study of its current portfolio of media companies,
 News World Communications companies are taking steps to expand their
 audiences in the digital space, as well as local and national print
 editions," said Jonathan Slevin, Vice President of News World
 Communications. "Consistent with overall industry responsiveness to market
 forces in the new media landscape, innovative products will be rolled out
 later in the year to enhance the reader experience and strengthen the reach
 and relevance of News World's publications and services."
     Among the News World companies that will undergo internal and external
 changes in the second half of 2007 are The Washington Times, United Press
 International and Tiempos del Mundo.
     Tom McDevitt, President of The Washington Times, recently took steps to
 advance the company in its ongoing market-based efforts. He has announced
 the formation of internal task forces at the newspaper to examine and help
 reshape the company's products. The foundation for the success of these new
 developments is the distinctive and reliable market position achieved by
 The Washington Times in the past 25 years.
     United Press International, acquired by News World in 2000, "has begun
 taking initial steps to strengthen our coverage of international hot spots
 through a collaborative effort with citizen journalists," said Nicholas
 Chiaia, UPI's Chief Operating Officer. Tiempos del Mundo, News World's
 Spanish language newspaper, announced this week that it will cease
 publication of its print edition at the end of June while retaining its
 online offering through an association with United Press International.
     "We are excited about our growth and expansion prospects," said Slevin.
 "By meeting the needs of our various communities of readers we expect to
 enhance our competitiveness in local, national and global news and
 information markets."
     Jonathan Slevin

SOURCE News World Communications LLC