NEWSWEEK COVER: America's Best High Schools, 2006 Newsweek Ranks Public High Schools Across America; Talented and Gifted in

Dallas Scores Top Spot; Florida Has Three in Top Ten and Most in Top 100

(20); New York (17); D.C. Metro (14); Texas (9)

Schools Ranked by Number of AP and IB Tests Taken, Divided by Number of

Graduating Seniors; List Recognizes Those Schools That Do Best Job of

Preparing Average Students for College

    NEW YORK, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The High School for the Talented and
 Gifted in Dallas, Texas, is the top public high school in the United
 States, according to Newsweek's new compilation of America's best public
 high schools. The Jefferson County School in Irondale, Alabama, which had
 the top spot in Newsweek's 2005 ranking, is number two on the list,
 followed by BASIS Charter in Tucson, Ariz., City Honors in Buffalo, N.Y.,
 and Stanton College Prep in Jacksonville, Fla. Florida has three schools in
 the top ten and five in the top 25, and Texas has five in the top 25. The
 list is the subject of the May 8 Newsweek cover story, "America's Best High
 Schools, 2006" (on newsstands Monday, May 1).
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     The schools are ranked according to a ratio devised by Contributing
 Editor Jay Mathews: the total number of Advanced Placement (AP) and
 International Baccalaureate (IB) tests taken at a school and divided by the
 number of graduating seniors. All public schools that achieved a ratio of
 at least 1.000, meaning they had given as many tests in 2005 as they had
 graduates, are on the list on the Newsweek Web site,, and
 the top 100 schools are listed in the magazine. Mathews ranks 1,139
     Also as part of the cover package, Senior Editor Barbara Kantrowitz and
 Washington Correspondent Pat Wingert report that with the Best High Schools
 list, Newsweek recognizes those schools that do the best job of preparing
 average students for college. AP and IB courses-the measure for the
 list-are indicators of a school's efforts to get students to excel and
 prepare for college. But many schools not on our list are also challenging
 students in innovative ways, Newsweek reports-proof that the national
 experiment in high- school education is just beginning. Newsweek examines
 what the goals of high school should be, from stressing creating good
 citizens, celebrating liberal arts and preparing for work, to single-sex
 education and emphasizing science and technology.
     A one-size-fits-all approach no longer works for everyone, the new
 thinking goes; a more individualized experience is better. "We are changing
 the goal of high school and what it's possible to achieve there," says Tom
 Vander Ark, executive director of the Gates Foundation's education
 initiative, which has spent $1 billion in 1,600 high schools in 40 states
 plus the District of Columbia over the last six years.
     (Read cover package and see the entire list of high schools and FAQ at
     Rank  School                   Location       State             Index
     1     Talented
            and Gifted              Dallas         Texas             14.128
     2     Jefferson
            County**                Irondale       Ala.               9.914
     3     BASIS
            Charter                 Tucson         Ariz.              9.909
     4     City
            Honors**                Buffalo        N.Y.               8.140
     5     Stanton
            College Prep**          Jacksonville   Fla.               7.973
     6     Eastside**               Gainesville    Fla.               7.535
     7     Suncoast                 Riviera
            Community**              Beach         Fla.               7.532
     8     Science/Engineering
            Magnet                  Dallas         Texas              6.275
     9     International            Bloomfield
            Academy*                 Hills         Mich.              6.127
     10    Academic                 North
            Magnet                   Charleston    S.C.               5.833
     11    Science Academy of
            South Texas             Mercedes       Texas              5.776
     12    North Hills
            School**                Irving         Texas              5.660
     13    H-B Woodlawn             Arlington      Va.                5.575
     14    Eastern
            Sierra Academy          Bridgeport     Calif.             5.500
     15    Richard
            Montgomery**            Rockville      Md.                5.409
     16    Myers
            Park**                  Charlotte      N.C.               5.047
     17    Classen
            School of
            Advanced                Oklahoma
            Studies**                City          Okla.              4.803
     18    Highland
            Park                    Dallas         Texas              4.735
     19    Clarke
            County**                Berryville     Va.                4.633
     20    Little Rock              Little
            Central                  Rock          Ark.               4.626
     21    Hillsborough**           Tampa          Fla.               4.596
     22    San Diego
            High School of
            Studies*                San Diego      Calif.             4.576
     23    John Miller-
            Great Neck North        Great Neck     N.Y.               4.533
     24    Wilson
            Magnet**                Rochester      N.Y.               4.522
     25    Atlantic                 Delray
            Community**              Beach         Fla.               4.520
     26    Lowell                   San
                                     Francisco     Calif.             4.462
     27    Jericho                  Jericho        N.Y.               4.450
     28    Paxon
            School for
            Studies**               Jacksonville   Fla.               4.442
     29    Coral
            Reef**                  Miami          Fla.               4.401
     30    Lincoln
            Park**                  Chicago        Ill.               4.338
     31    Great Neck
            South                   Great Neck     N.Y.               4.321
     32    South                    Rockville
            Side**                   Centre        N.Y.               4.202
     33    Dreyfoos
            School of               West Palm
            Arts                     Beach         Fla.               4.186
     34    Bethesda-
            Chase**                 Bethesda       Md.                4.179
     35    Cold Spring              Cold Spring
            Harbor                   Harbor        N.Y.               4.165
     36    Southside**              Greenville     S.C.               4.136
     37    Newport                  Bellevue       Wash.              4.067
     38    Pensacola**              Pensacola      Fla.               4.053
     39    Martin Luther
            King                    Nashville      Tenn.              4.049
     40    Metro
            Academic &
            Classical**             St. Louis      Mo.                4.048
     41    George                   Falls
            Mason**                  Church        Va.                4.045
     42    Rye                      Rye            N.Y.               4.042
     43    Hume-Fogg
            Academic                Nashville      Tenn.              4.031
     44    Interlake**              Bellevue       Wash.              3.980
     45    Los Angeles
            Center for
            Enriched                Los
            Studies                  Angeles       Calif.             3.964
     46    Troy**                   Fullerton      Calif.             3.956
     47    Yorktown                 Arlington      Va.                3.926
     48    Cocoa                    Cocoa
            Beach**                  Beach         Fla.               3.924
     49    Bellevue                 Bellevue       Wash.              3.887
     50    Mills
            University              Little
            Studies                  Rock          Ark.               3.886
     51    Wootton                  Rockville      Md.                3.856
     52    Washington-
            Lee**                   Arlington      Va.                3.845
     53    Raleigh
            Charter                 Raleigh        N.C.               3.837
     54    Signature
            School                  Evansville     Ind.               3.833
     55    Black River              Holland        Mich.              3.813
     56    Edgemont                 Scarsdale      N.Y.               3.772
     57    International
            School                  Bellevue       Wash.              3.741
     58    Pittsford
            Mendon                  Pittsford      N.Y.               3.736
     59    Enloe**                  Raleigh        N.C.               3.732
     60    Design &
            Architecture            Miami          Fla.               3.728
     61    Pittsford
            Sutherland              Pittsford      N.Y.               3.718
     62    Greeley                  Chappaqua      N.Y.               3.699
     63    St.                      St.
            Petersburg**             Petersburg    Fla.               3.667
     64    Communication            San
            Arts                     Antonio       Texas              3.655
     65    Walnut
            Hills                   Cincinnati     Ohio               3.635
     66    Harding
            University**            Charlotte      N.C.               3.619
     67    Miami
            Palmetto                Miami          Fla.               3.615
     68    Indian Hill              Cincinnati     Ohio               3.571
     69    Manhasset                Manhasset      N.Y.               3.482
     70    Maritime &
            Science Tech(MAST)      Miami          Fla.               3.473
     71    Plant                    Tampa          Fla.               3.462
     72    Grimsley**               Greensboro     N.C.               3.448
     73    King**                   Tampa          Fla.               3.448
     74    Churchill                Potomac        Md.                3.436
     75    Fort
            Myers**                 Fort Myers     Fla.               3.417
     76    Riverside-
            Brookfield              Riverside      Ill.               3.415
     77    Auburn**                 Auburn         Ala.               3.412
     78    Gunn                     Palo Alto      Calif.             3.407
     79    Lincoln                  Tallahassee    Fla.               3.407
     80    Langley                  McLean         Va.                3.399
     81    Boston Latin             Boston         Mass.              3.398
     82    McNair                   Jersey
            Academic                 City          N.J.               3.395
     83    Booker T.
            Washington**            Tulsa          Okla.              3.387
     84    Spruce                   Port
            Creek**                  Orange        Fla.               3.386
     85    McLean                   McLean         Va.                3.377
     86    Warwick**                Newport News   Va.                3.354
     87    YES College
            Southeast               Houston        Texas               3.329
     88    Blind Brook              Rye Brook      N.Y.                3.325
     89    Palm Harbor              Palm
            University**             Harbor        Fla.                3.250
     90    W. T.
            Woodson                 Fairfax        Va.                 3.233
     91    South Texas
            High School for
            Health Professions      Mercedes       Texas               3.232
     92    Brighton                 Rochester      N.Y.                3.226
     93    North
            Mecklenburg**           Huntersville   N.C.                3.212
     94    Briarcliff               Briarcliff
                                     Manor         N.Y.                3.205
     95    Diamond
            Hill-Jarvis             Fort Worth     Texas               3.196
     96    Vandermeulen             Port
                                     Jefferson     N.Y.                3.195
     97    Chagrin                  Chagrin
            Falls                    Falls         Ohio                3.190
     98    Centreville              Clifton        Va.                 3.173
     99    Wyoming                  Wyoming        Ohio                3.171
     100   Walter
            Johnson                 Bethesda       Md.                 3.160
     *  Gave just IB tests.
     ** Gave both IB and AP tests. AP and IB participation are indicators of a
     school's efforts to get students to excel and prepare for college.
     What Makes a High School Great?:
     Why AP Matters:
     The Complete List of High Schools:
     The Public Elites:

SOURCE Newsweek

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