NGMTI U.S. House and Senate Briefing

Technology Leaders Brief House and Senate Manufacturing Task Forces on

Critical Need for The Next Generation Manufacturing Technology Initiative

(NGMTI) - 2253 Rayburn House Office Building, 2:30-3:30, May 11

May 11, 2006, 01:00 ET from The Next Generation Manufacturing Technology Initiative

    WASHINGTON, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The Next Generation Manufacturing
 Technology Initiative (NGMTI) is a DOD-sponsored public-private partnership
 focused on enhancing and accelerating the development and implementation of
 breakthrough manufacturing technologies. Industrial technology leaders will
 brief the House and Senate Manufacturing Task Force on the critical
 importance of NGMTI in supporting both the transformation of the defense
 industrial base and the global economic competitiveness of U.S.-based
     States briefing team member Leo Reddy, Founder of the National Council
 for Advanced Manufacturing:
     "America's competitive advantage in the global economy is its unique
 infrastructure of company, university, and federal lab research facilities.
 NGMTI has developed the strategy and organization for coordinating and
 leveraging those facilities in the field of next-generation manufacturing
 technologies. The purpose is to secure U.S. leadership in those future
 process and product technologies that that will enable U.S.-made products
 to lead the world in cost, quality, and delivery in both commercial and
 defense production."
     With strong industry, Congressional, and Federal Agency support,
 NGMTI's goal is not only to create strategic investment plans for
 innovative manufacturing technologies, but also to drive the implementation
 of those technologies through industry-led research projects. By partnering
 with a wide array of companies, universities, and labs, NGMTI has achieved
 much since its inception in April, 2004 - developing strategic investment
 plans, building industry-government forums, and laying the groundwork of 17
 projects based on these investment plans and forums.
     These projects alone, involving more than 100 organizations, estimate a
 budget of $430 million over the next ten years with industry contributing
 35 percent of the resources on average. A few examples of these projects
 include: Defense Fuel Cells Manufacturing, Digital Direct Manufacturing,
 and Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing.
     The press is invited to this briefing to hear firsthand how this
 dynamic effort is keeping the United States on the leading edge of
 manufacturing technologies. The NGMTI briefing team will consist of:
     Leo Reddy, Founder, National Council for Advanced Manufacturing
 (NACFAM) and Director, Industry-Government Forum, NGMTI. Mr. Reddy will
 discuss manufacturing innovation policy rationale, the structure of NGMTI,
 and related legislation
     Richard Neal, President, Integrated Manufacturing Technology Institute,
 and Technical Director, NGMTI. Mr. Neal will provide background on the
 NGMTI's research methodology and strategic investment plans, and on the
 status of its research projects.
     Herm Reininga, Senior Vice President, Operations (ret.), Rockwell
 Collins Corporation and Chairman, Board of Manufacturing and Engineering,
 National Academy of Sciences. Mr. Reininga will discuss the importance of
 NGMTI from the perspective of a leading communications equipment
 manufacturer and defense manufacturing policy leader.
     Marlene Price, Director, Factory Support Engineering, Integrated
 Defense Systems, Boeing Corporation. Ms. Price will discuss industry
 benefits and perspective, and examine the importance of public/private
 partnerships in manufacturing R&D.
     For further information, contact Elizabeth Mark, Legislative Director,
 Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition, at 202-226-5181.
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