Nick Berg is Number One Search Term With Web Users; Iraq War and War-Related Terms Dominate Five of Top 10 Searches on This Week's List, Al Qaeda Makes List for First Time Ever; Berg Tragedy Causes Renewed Interest in Daniel Pearl

The Lycos 50 for Week Ending May 15, 2004

May 18, 2004, 01:00 ET from Terra Lycos

    WALTHAM, Mass., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Terra Lycos (Nasdaq:   TRLY), the
 global Internet Group, today announced the following information from The
 Lycos 50(TM), the 50 most popular user searches for the week ending May 15,
 2004.  For a complete list of The Lycos 50(TM) and for in-depth text of The
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     The Lycos 50(TM) Top 10 Search Terms for the Week Ending May 15, 2004:
      1) Nick Berg             6) Paris Hilton
      2) War in Iraq           7) Al-Qaeda
      3) Muntada al-Ansar      8) KaZaA
      4) Britney Spears        9) Al Jazeera
      5) Clay Aiken           10) Survivor
     Notes of Interest:
     Nick Berg (#1) has been the number one search term on The Lycos 50 since
 mid-week last week.  During the first 48 hours following news of the Nick Berg
 execution, the top 10 search requests Web users were specifically searching
 for regarding Berg were: Nick Berg video, Nick Berg Beheading, Nick Berg and
 Iraq, Nick Berg Execution, Nick Berg Beheading Video, Nick Berg Killing, Nick
 Berg murder, Nick Berg assassination, Nick Berg decapitation video, and
 execution of Nick Berg.  Late last week, Web users became focused on seeking
 out, finding, and watching the actual execution video and searches began
 emerging for: find Nick Berg video, watch Nick Berg beheading, and Nick Berg
 video link.   Nick Berg-related searches are so prevalent that they dwarf all
 other searches, including the consistent pop-culture leaders. Over the past
 week, Nick Berg searches were 24 times higher than Britney Spears (#4), Paris
 Hilton (#6), and Clay Aiken (#5).
     Iraq War and Nick Berg-Related Terms:
     Search activity for the War in Iraq (#2) continued high this week as
 additional news surfaced that more Iraqi POW photos and videos existed of the
 alleged abuse in the Abu Ghraib prison. Web search activity also increased
 dramatically for Muntada al-Ansar (#3), a group often carrying statements by
 Islamic militants, alleged to have operated the Web site that aired the
 killing of Nick Berg.  Al Qaeda (#7) searches also increased, putting Al Qaeda
 on The Lycos 50 for the first time ever.  In other Iraq War and Nick Berg-
 related news, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (#17), a Jordanian militant with links to
 Al Qaeda who is believed to be behind the killing of Nick Berg, also made this
 week's list.  Also returning to this week's list is The Drudge Report (#46)
 which saw a spike in search activity as Web users scoured the Internet looking
 for the Berg video and photos of the Iraqi POWs in Abu Ghraib prison. And news
 of the Berg killing also caused increased interest in the Daniel Pearl (#34)
 killing.  The Wall Street Journal reporter was kidnapped and beheaded by
 Muslim militants also shown on videotape.  Searches for Pearl grew as high as
 number four on The Lycos 50 in March 2002.
     Other Notes of Interest:
     News organizations like CNN have also risen, but only Al Jazeera (#9) and
 the Drudge Report (#46) make this week's list.  The most-searched news
 organizations and news reporters to emerge since the Nick Berg tragedy began
 to unfold are: CNN (Up 133 percent) The Drudge Report (Up 141 percent)Sean
 Hannity (Up 121 percent) USA Today (Up 113 percent) The New York Times (Up 142
 percent) MSNBC (Up 170 percent)ABC News (Up 150 percent) FOX News (Up 97
 percent) Al-Jazeera (Up 175 percent)
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