NicoDerm CQ Gives 'the Patch' a Makeover

Leading Patch Innovator Announces Thinner, More Flexible Patch That, According

To Smokers, Could Make Quitting More Attractive

Jun 29, 2005, 01:00 ET from GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

    PITTSBURGH, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans love makeovers, and
 according to a new study, so might smokers looking to kick the habit.
 NicoDerm(R) CQ(R) has put an attractive new face on "the Patch," by giving it
 a slimmed down design and a more flexible profile, to help it actually move
 with you.  It's a move that smokers say could move them to try to quit,
 according to a cessation-related survey of smokers.
     Nearly 50 million American adults (one out of four) are smokers, but
 according to the survey of more than 2,500 Americans, the majority of these
 want to quit -- in fact, they say this is their year.
     The new NicoDerm CQ ThinFlex(TM) patch is 25 percent more flexible than
 the original NicoDerm CQ patch, which was first launched in 1992.  According
 to the smokers surveyed, flexibility (43 percent) is the most important
 physical patch attribute for long-term smoking cessation success, followed by
 patch size (34 percent) and thinness (10 percent).  Although clinical studies
 show the patch can help improve your chances of quitting, many smokers
 perceive the old patch as uncomfortable (24 percent), bulky (10 percent) and
 inflexible (21 percent).
     The Thinnest, Most Flexible Clear Patch Ever
     New NicoDerm CQ ThinFlex is designed to be thinner and 25 percent more
 flexible than the current NicoDerm CQ patch so it moves with you, whether
 you're stretching, strolling or even swimming.  The cool, sleek design of the
 clear patch is less visible so it can be worn with any type of clothing.
     "One of the barriers that smokers have reported in using previous versions
 of the patch has been their discomfort with the patch's appearance or lack of
 flexibility," says Dr. Robin J. Mermelstein, clinical psychologist, smoking
 cessation researcher and director of the Center for Health Behavior Research
 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Dr. Mermelstein has worked with
 more than 2,000 smokers in her career and says "the NicoDerm CQ ThinFlex patch
 is more flexible than previous patch designs, so smokers may be more
 interested in using it to help them quit."
     Online Support Bolsters Quit Success
     The other great news for smokers is that support is there for them to
 increase their chances of quitting successfully.  Committed Quitters(R) is an
 online resource that comes free for NicoDerm CQ ThinFlex users.  It's an
 individualized support program that has been clinically proven to increase the
 chances of successful cessation.
     "Individualized support is the key, and a tailored Web-based program
 offers the best of both worlds; it's customized, like individual or group
 therapy, but instead of reaching a few people, it can reach millions," says
 Dr. Mermelstein, who has studied the efficacy of direct-to-smoker programs
 that ranged from direct mail to direct telephone support and customized,
 individually tailored programs, like the new Committed Quitters program.
     A recent research study found that smokers using the online Committed
 Quitters program with NicoDerm CQ increased their chances of success by more
 than 28 percent compared to smokers trying to quit using the same product and
 non-individualized support.
     Hollywood Encourages Americans to Kick the Habit ... and Help Prevent Kids
 From Starting
     NicoDerm CQ ThinFlex has teamed up with some of America's biggest
 celebrities to help smokers get their heads in the game of kicking the habit,
 offering signed messages of encouragement written on colorful yoga mats.  In
 all, more than 40 celebrities have signed and donated yoga mats that include
 personal messages of encouragement designed to provide support to smokers
 interested in quitting.
     The auction, through eBay(R), will go live on on June 29.  All proceeds (100 percent) will
 aid of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids(R), an organization dedicated to
 helping prevent new generations of smokers from starting in the first place.
     About Committed Quitters and NicoDerm CQ
     Committed Quitters is an individualized Web-based behavioral support
 program available free to users of NicoDerm CQ ThinFlex.  Using the NicoDerm
 CQ ThinFlex patch as directed can double a smoker's chances of quitting
 cigarettes versus a cold turkey quit attempt, and adding this online support
 program greatly improves the chances of success.  Committed Quitters includes
 customized materials that provide coping strategies, advice and incentives to
 stay smoke-free.
     About GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
     GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is one of the world's largest over-
 the-counter consumer healthcare products companies. Its more than 30 well-
 known brands include the leading smoking cessation products, Nicorette(R),
 NicoDerm(R) and Commit(R), as well as a many medicine cabinet staples such as
 Abreva(R), Aquafresh(R), Sensodyne(R) and Tums(R). GlaxoSmithKline Consumer
 Healthcare continues to develop innovative products to help all smokers find
 their best support system and achieve their goal of being cigarette-free.
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     About the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
     The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is building a healthier future for our
 children by changing public attitudes and public policies regarding tobacco
 use. They work to prevent kids from smoking, help smokers quit, and protect
 everyone from secondhand smoke. For more information, visit the Campaign's Web
 site at .
     For a complete listing of all yoga mats that have been donated, signed
 available for bidding, visit .

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