No Stopping GSM Growth in the Americas - Nine in Ten New Customers Choose GSM

2003 GSM Gain at 100% in the Americas and Milestone One Billion Customers

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Feb 23, 2004, 00:00 ET from 3G Americas

    CANNES, France, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- 3G Americas reports 100% annual
 growth for GSM in 2003, giving GSM by far the largest percentage gain of any
 wireless technology in the Western Hemisphere.  Based on data from EMC, GSM is
 outpacing all other wireless technologies in Latin America, increasing its
 subscriber base by nearly 150% in 2003, almost six times more growth than the
 next most popular wireless technology.  The rapid deployment of GSM/GPRS on a
 nationwide basis in Canada and the U.S. contributed to GSM's 77% growth in the
 North American market in 2003.  GSM is the number one technology choice by new
 customers throughout North, Central and South America.  Thus, the Americas
 have a growing presence in the global GSM community that now numbers one
 billion customers in the milestone announced today by leading GSM
 organizations and manufacturers in Cannes including 3G Americas, GSM
 Association, UMTS Forum, Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel Networks
 and Siemens.
     GSM posted a solid fourth quarter 2003 adding more than 11 million
 subscribers in the Americas and claiming nearly 90% of the total new quarterly
 customers in the region.  "In 2003, the Americas saw a proliferation of new
 and overlaid GSM networks emerge," stated Chris Pearson, President of 3G
 Americas.  "This growing footprint delivered GSM to many wireless customers
 and was further expanded through numerous roaming agreements between national
 and rural GSM operators."  Pearson continued, "It is phenomenal to think that
 9 out of 10 new customers in the region chose GSM in the fourth quarter of
 2003 and we see that momentum continuing in 2004 as well as the uptake of EDGE
 third generation services."
     Operators continue to select the GSM family of technologies -- GSM, GPRS,
 EDGE and UMTS/WCDMA -- for its combined benefits of economy of scale, voice
 capacity, advanced data capabilities, quality of service and global roaming.
 As evidence of this, 52 new GSM networks were launched in the Americas in the
 past year.  Additionally, since mid-2001, 40 TDMA operators in the region
 began their GSM migrations and in 2003 four CDMA operators switched over to
 the GSM migration route.
     Eva Benguigui, EMC's Latin America analyst, commented, "The decision taken
 by America Movil and Millicom International to deploy GSM across all their
 Latin American subsidiaries provides a great endorsement for the GSM
 technology and will lead to a significant increase in the GSM customer base in
 the region by the end of 2004."  Analysis in EMC World Cellular Investors
 shows that during 2003, there was substantial consolidation in Latin America
 after several operators in the largest markets -- Argentina, Mexico and Brazil
 -- were acquired by leading investors, such as America Movil.  Benguigui
 continued, "Most of these acquisitions have resulted in GSM network overlays,
 for example in the cases of Telefonica Moviles in Mexico and CTI Movil in
 Argentina (both from CDMA), and BCP Nordeste (BSE) and BCP Sao Paulo in Brazil
 (both from TDMA).  Also, where new PCS licenses were awarded in Colombia,
 Ecuador and Honduras, two out of the three licensees chose GSM, contributing
 significantly to the growth of the technology in the region."
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