Nokia Announces 'Mobile Rules! 08' Competition Winners

Excellence and Innovation Recognized in Competitions for Best Mobile

Application, Best Technology Innovation and Best Business Plan Awards

Mar 20, 2008, 01:00 ET from Nokia

    SAN JOSE, Calif., March 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Nokia today announced the
 winners in the annual 'Mobile Rules!' competition, the world's leading
 awards for innovative mobile business plans and cutting-edge applications,
 services and technologies from developers and entrepreneurs from around the
     The annual Mobile Rules! Awards recognize initiatives from emerging
 application and technology developers and business startups worldwide. The
 rapid convergence of mobile and other technologies and functionalities has
 lead to a wide-range of entries creating new value and exciting services
 and applications for the mobile workforce and the mobile lifestyle.
     Announced at a ceremony in the heart of Silicon Valley at San Jose City
 Hall, the Mobile Rules! 08 Awards were the climax to an eight-month
 selection process in which winners were chosen from hundreds of entries in
 three main competition tracks: Best Business Plan, Mobile Application and
 Technology Innovation.
     "Nokia is very pleased to announce the winners of the Mobile Rules! '08
 competition, who with their ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit typify an
 emerging wave tapping into today's exciting convergence of mobility and the
 Internet," said Tom Libretto, Vice President, Forum Nokia. "Open platforms
 and the millions of smartphone devices available today are helping enable
 this new wave of entrepreneurs from around the globe to become drivers of
 the future global mobile marketplace through the innovative technologies,
 applications and business models they create today."
     In addition to Best Business Plan, Grand Prize winners were announced
 in four mobile application categories including Multiplayer/Connected
 Games, Multimedia, Enterprise and Infotainment, while Technology Innovation
 Awards went to winners in the categories of Future Device Architecture,
 Future Touch and Feel, Mobile Multimedia and User Interface. The Grand
 Prize Award recipients were:
     Best Business Plan
     Name of Company: MedApps(TM)
     Application: MedApps Mobile Wireless Health Monitoring System
     MedApps Inc. headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and founded in July 2006,
 is partnering and working with major medical device manufacturers, telecom
 companies, medical software companies, chip and component manufacturers and
 healthcare organizations to introduce its Telemedicine 2.0 Solution on a
 national level. MedApps was recently named to the Fierce Health IT Top 10
 Healthcare IT Innovators for 2007, a notable distinction among healthcare
 IT startups. More information is available online at:
     Best Mobile Application - Multimedia
     Name of Developer: MyStrands
     Application: MyStrands Social Player
     MyStrands Social Player for Symbian OS enables users to discover and
 play new music of their liking, meet new people with similar musical tastes
 and find out how much their music is played and by whom. The MyStrands MP3
 player supports select S60 3rd edition devices. MyStrands develops
 technologies to better understand people's tastes and help them discover
 new things they like and didn't know about already. More information at:
     Best Mobile Application - Multiplayer/Connected Games
     Name of Developer: GAMICA
     Application: Sumo-Sumo
     Sumo-Sumo is a highly anticipated mobile multiplayer action game
 published by the Netherlands-based GAMICA, a leading mobile games publisher
 acclaimed for creating the next generation connected mobile video games for
 a world-wide consumer market. GAMICA's mobile games push the boundaries of
 creativity and technology and create the most entertaining gaming
 experience possible. More information at:
     Best Mobile Application - Infotainment
     Name of Developer: Earthcomber LLC
     Application: Earthcomber
     Earthcomber is an innovative navigation software that relies on
 entirely free GPS-enabled maps, "Look Lists" and "Community" features to
 let users specify exact types of restaurants, shops, ATMs, hotels and other
 landmarks and plot them on a map. Users join or create groups that let them
 share or discover spots like where movies were shot, where crimes occurred,
 sites of public art or places to spot wildlife or enjoy dog parks,
 pictures, picnics, or freebies. More information at:
     Best Mobile Application - Enterprise
     Name of Developer: UpCode Ltd/UPC Consulting Ltd
     Application: UpCode parking
     UpCode parking is a 'point&click' mobile solution using the highly
 developed UpCode(TM) program, which enables a mobile phone to act as an
 optical reader to 'scan' any physical object, on any surface or on-screen
 by 'clicking' at a mobile barcode. UpCode is free for non-commercial and
 non- professional use and users pay only according to existing Internet
 tariffs charged by the mobile service provider. More information at:
     Best Technology Innovation - Future Device Architecture
     Name of Developer: GENUSION, Inc.
     Application: B4-Flash Memory
     GENUSION provides advanced memory products for electronic and mobile
 devices, from computers to cellular phones and from PDAs to electric home
 appliances. GENUSION's memory products are built on the company's own SiP
 design capability and inherent memory technologies, in collaboration with
 leading semiconductor makers, AT manufacturers and sales companies. The
 company's new B-4 Flash product is a highly scalable Flash memory, with
 demonstrated high reliability and high programming speed. More information
 is available online at:
     Best Technology Innovation - Future Touch and Feel
     Name of Developer: Kareline Oy Ltd
     Application: Kareline Natural Composites
     Kareline Oy Ltd manufactures third-generation natural fiber composites
 for an innovative combination of the properties of natural fibers and
 plastics. Offering new possibilities in environmentally friendly injection
 molding or extrusion molding that meet all environmental requirements,
 Kareline Natural Composites can be extensively customized to meet the
 look-and-feel requirements of mobile phones and other handheld devices.
 More information is available online at:
     Best Technology Innovation - Mobile Multimedia
     Name of Developer: kannuu Inc.
     Application: kannuu
     kannuu search technology enables mobile device users to find a result
 with lighting speed and accuracy. Relying on elegantly simple Partial Word
 Completion(TM) technology, combined with just a joystick or touch screen,
 kannuu delivers a fast, seamless and error-free search experience. Instead
 of traditional linear methods, kannuu's exponential search algorithm
 ensures that as the database gets larger, kannuu becomes more efficient,
 requiring fewer clicks to achieve a result. More information is available
 online at:
     Best Technology Innovation - User Interface
     Name of Developer: Tiki'labs
     Application: Tiki(R) 6 keys
     Tiki'labs was founded in Paris in 2006 promote and improve brain output
 processes and devices in order to facilitate the way humans interact with
 electronic and multimedia objects, and through them, with knowledge and
 other humans. Combining state of the art MMI with the patented Tiki(R)
 system and process, Tiki(R) 6 keys is a patented highly simplified user
 interface that relies on just six keys to deliver full messaging and
 communication capabilities. More information is available online at:
     Grand Prizes in the Mobile Rules! '08 Award include the right to
 negotiate solution development and product creation with Nokia and other
 competition sponsors and participation in an Innovation Expo to be held at
 Nokia headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Winners also receive the right to use
 the title "Mobile Ruler '08" in all promotional materials.
     In its second year of existence, the 'Mobile Rules!' competition
 promotes excellence in the development of advanced solutions for the mobile
 environment and in the launch of innovative businesses and technologies for
     Corporate sponsors of Mobile Rules! 08 included Accel, Advanced
 Technology Ventures, BlueRun Ventures, CMEA Ventures, FinNode, IDEO, Nexit,
 Nokia Growth Partners, Orange, Palo Alto Software, SINA, SK Telecom
 International, SVASE, Swisscom, Vision Capital and ZEF Solutions. Media and
 Community sponsors included GigaOM, LIVEdigitally, Mobile Game Developer
 Magazine, Red Herring, Teknopreneur Indonesia, Stirr and VentureBeat.
     Further information about 'Mobile Rules!' can be found online at: For more information on Mobile Rules! Best Technology
 Innovation competition, visit:
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