Nokia to Release Python for S60 Source Code to Open-Source Software Developer Community

Availability of Python for S60 Source Code Via to Enable

Broader Contribution to Advancement of Open-Source Mobile Solutions and

Applications for Leading Smartphone Platform

Jan 31, 2006, 00:00 ET from Nokia

    ESPOO, Finland, January 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nokia (NYSE:   NOK)
 today announced that it has taken a step further in support of mobile
 open-source software application development by agreeing to release the
 source code for its Python for S60 Platform software package to the global
 community of open-source software developers.
     The agreement follows on last year's launch by Nokia of the Python for
 S60 Platform, which enables programmers, ISVs and businesses worldwide to
 utilize the powerful Python programming language to execute Python commands
 and run Python scripts and applications on S60-based mobile devices.
     The source code for Python for S60 Platform will be made available to the
 open-source software development community through, which
 provides free hosting to open-source software development projects and is the
 world's largest Open Source software development web site, hosting more than
 100,000 projects and over 1,000,000 registered users with a centralized
 resource for managing projects, issues, communications, and code.
     Nokia is contributing the core components of the Python for S60 software
 back to the open-source developer community in order to encourage developers
 to take advantage of the potential for open-source mobile applications
 development on the S60 Platform, the leading smartphone platform. Nokia is
 also continuing to contribute and work within the open source community in
 driving the Python for S60 technology forward.
     "During the past year, the popular developer-friendly features of the
 Python open-source language have enabled growth of a dynamic community new to
 mobile development to write applications that are leveraging the potential of
 S60-based devices," said Lee Epting, vice president, Forum Nokia. "Now, Nokia
 is extending its commitment to open-source software initiatives and hopes
 that its contribution of source code back to the Python developer community
 will drive further enthusiasm and innovations in the development of
 leading-edge open-source mobile solutions for the rapidly expanding
 smartphone market worldwide."
     "I was excited last year when Nokia announced its port of Python to its
 advanced phones. I'm even more excited now that Nokia is open-sourcing the
 port." said Guido van Rossum, creator of the Python programming language and
 president of the Python Software Foundation. "Opening up the platform makes
 the phones accessible, and will inevitably lead to cool new applications, as
 well as to third-party improvements to the port itself."
     Nokia's involvement with the Python open-source community began last year
 when Nokia made available the Python for S60 software package for free
 download from the website of Nokia's global developer support community,
 Forum Nokia. The Python for S60 software package installs to a S60
 platform-based device, enabling developers to create applications with the
 simple and consistent, object-oriented Python programming language.
     Python for S60 is well-suited to the development of prototype and
 proof-of-concept applications, enabling development of commands, scripts and
 applications for S60-based mobile devices. The Python for S60 runtime can
 also be easily extended with dynamically loadable C++ modules, enabling
 developers to expose additional native device functionality to Python
 applications. Developers can execute Python commands using an interactive
 console in a S60-based device, accessible via the keypad or a remote
 connection to a PC over Bluetooth.
     Using Python for S60, developers can write Python applications and
 install them to a S60-based device and the device can then run these
 applications from the Python environment. Python applications can also be
 developed to run as standalone applications with the selection of an icon
 from the device menu. Using Python for S60, developers also can execute
 Python commands and scripts in the emulators of S60 SDK's.
     The S60 platform, built on the Symbian OS, is the leading smartphone
 software in the world and it is licensed by some of the foremost mobile phone
 manufacturers in the market. The flexibility of the S60 platform allows for
 various hardware designs and software configurations. This is demonstrated
 through the multitude of S60 devices already available on the market. Through
 its award-winning user interface, extensive support for new mobile services
 and the innovation potential for partner solutions, the S60 provides an open
 and scalable business opportunity for mobile operators and 3rd party
     The source code for Python for S60 Platform will be posted by Nokia to Further information and a link to the project can be found
 by visiting
     About Python
     Python is a powerful object-oriented programming language that is
 developed and maintained by a global community of open source developers
 under the oversight of the Python Software Foundation. Python is relatively
 easy to learn for programmers of other languages such as C, C++, Java, and
 Visual Basic, and can therefore assist programmer productivity. It is often
 characterized as an agile language that promotes speedy development and
 includes a unit-testing framework for building more robust applications.
 Python is often used in large system development to decrease software costs,
 and meet aggressive schedules. The language is the basis of applications used
 by tens of thousands of companies and organizations worldwide, and its user
 base is growing rapidly.
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