Nordic Semiconductor Launches the nRF24Z1(TM), an Industry First Single Chip 2.4GHz 4Mbit/s Solution for CD-Quality Wireless Audio Streaming with Extremely Low Latency

Jan 06, 2005, 00:00 ET from Nordic Semiconductor

    OSLO, Norway and CES, LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/
 -- Over the past 2 years, Nordic Semiconductor has proven to be a market
 leader with 5 devices in the nRF24XX of highly integrated single chip CMOS
 devices for 2.4GHz general purpose wireless applications. The new nRF24Z1
 uses Nordic Semiconductor's latest 4Mbit/s MegaZtream(TM) platform embedding
 a state of the art Quality of Service (QoS) subsystem with an ultra low power
 robust 4Mbit/s wireless 2.4GHz transceiver and all appropriate digital audio
 interfaces creating a complete digital wireless audio streamer solution in a
 6x6mm package.
     The MegaZtream(TM) Platform is Designed for Wireless Audio Streaming
     The nRF24Z1 features a well balanced design where attention is paid to
 every detail of the audio interface and the challenging tasks of streaming
 CD-quality audio with no glitches and degradation in performance in the
 presence of other disturbing sources such as WLAN, cordless telephones,
 Bluetooth etc. The MegaZtream(TM) platform is based around a powerful 4Mbit/s
 2.4GHz wireless RF transceiver which ensures that there is bandwidth enough
 to stream and transmit 16-bit 48Kspls/s CD quality audio without using
 compression. In addition to streaming audio the nRF24Z1 also boasts a digital
 control information channel for transfer of control information such as
 volume, balance, track and display information. "The nRF24Z1(TM)
 MegaZtream(TM) platform from Nordic is revolutionary in terms of cost, ease
 of use, feature set and performance. It is a chip designed for streaming
 audio, and with its interfaces and powerful 4Mbit/s radio it constitutes an
 ideal solution for low power portable audio streaming, as well as stationary
 HiFi/Surround systems demanding low link delay," says Geir Langeland, Product
 Manager Std. Components Nordic Semiconductor.
     Powerful Audio Interface and Features
     - I2S serial connection for glue less interface to virtually all audio
       chipsets as well as low cost A/D and D/A for analog audio.
     - S/PDIF interface for direct digital connection to PC and surround
     - Input supports audio up to 24 bit 96Kspl/s directly
     - Output supports audio up to 16 bit 48kspl/s directly
     - Programmable low 2-18ms link latency
     - SPI or 2-wire (I2C compatible) serial interface for up to 50Kbit/s
       bi-directional digital control/AUX data
     - Full Quality of Service (QoS) subsystem ensuring optimal system
         - Frequency hopping
         - Retransmit
         - Connect/reconnect
         - Several power down modes
     - Extensive built in signaling features between master and slave for
       control of headset/speaker
     Suitable for Portable as well as Stationary Equipment
     - 5mA average current streaming MP3 data @ 192Kbit/s
     - 15mA average current streaming LPCM data @ 1.5Mbit/s
     - 3uA supply current in power down mode
     - On-chip voltage regulators
         - 2.0V to 3.6V
         - Maximum noise immunity
     - Very few external components
     - 36 pin 6x6mm QFN package, Pb-free "Green" technology, RoHS compatible
     - Compact Disk, CD headset
     - MP3 audio headset
     - Mini Disk, MD audio headset
     - Wireless speakers
     - Wireless surround speakers
     - Audio streaming from PC soundcard to HiFi system
     - Download MP3 files from PC to MP3 player
     Availability and pricing
     The nRF24Z1(TM) is available for limited sampling end January 2005, with
 general sampling and evaluation systems being made available end February
 2005. Volume production is scheduled for April 2005. The nRF24Z1(TM) is
 priced very competitively at USD 4.00 in 10K quantities
     About Nordic Semiconductor ASA
     Founded in 1983, Nordic Semiconductor (former Nordic VLSI) has evolved
 steadily from the traditional ASIC design house into a leading European
 fabless semiconductor supplier. With world-class IC design expertise focused
 on RF/mixed-mode and advanced back-end/physical design capabilities, Nordic
 is currently marketing and selling three product families: a ground-breaking
 portfolio of standard components for wireless communication, high performance
 dataconverter IPs and custom design and manufacturing services (ASIC). With
 the ultra compact 2.4GHz transceiver and transmitter families, nRF24XX, the
 company has established itself as a market leader within the wireless
 personal interface segment comprising applications such as gamepads,
 keyboard/mouse and sports equipment. Nordic's products are manufactured on
 ultra modern technologies through strong relationships with world leading
 manufacturing facilities and are sold through a world-wide distribution
 network. The company has offices in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway, as well as
 Hong Kong, and is listed on the Norwegian Stock Exchange (OSX: NOD). All
 operations are managed according to the ISO 9001-approved quality assurance

SOURCE Nordic Semiconductor