Novell Secures the Open Enterprise With New Linux Application Security Project

Novell Contributes AppArmor Code, Inviting and Encouraging Community

Collaboration to Advance Enterprise Application Security

Capabilities for Linux

Jan 10, 2006, 00:00 ET from Novell, Inc.

    WALTHAM, Mass., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Novell (Nasdaq:   NOVL) today
 announced the creation of the AppArmor project, a new open source project
 dedicated to advancing the state of the art of Linux* application security.
 Linux application security technology is vital for protecting Linux systems
 from external or internal attacks, viruses, and malicious applications. The
 technology fills a major void among open source offerings by providing
 easy-to-use configuration and monitoring tools along with tight integration
 with the Linux operating system. As a result, businesses can reduce threats,
 protect critical corporate data, reduce security administration costs and
 comply with government regulations.
     Novell has donated the core components of its Novell(R) AppArmor framework
 to provide a foundation for the project. Novell AppArmor is the only
 enterprise-deployable Linux application security solution that can be applied
 in hours, not days, and maintained cost-effectively without requiring
 high-level Linux and security expertise.
     "Novell is focused on ensuring open source technology can meet the most
 demanding enterprise needs, and few issues are as important to enterprises as
 having a very simple means to ensure application security," said Jeff Jaffe,
 executive vice president and chief technology officer for Novell. "With
 AppArmor technology now freely available under open source license, the
 community has at its disposal some excellent technology to address security
 issues. This demonstrates Novell's ongoing commitment to enterprise-class
 security as well as our continuing leadership of key community initiatives."
     According to a recent report by the SANS Institute, applications have
 become the primary target of attackers trying to break into business and
 government networks. AppArmor protects critical data on Linux by making sure
 application flaws can't be exploited by attackers, easily protecting
 applications from intrusions and threats without forcing IT staff to rely on
 emergency patching. Novell's project provides security that is simple enough
 to achieve widespread adoption, instead of being switched off and ignored as
 often happens with complex access control systems like SELinux.
     The AppArmor project is the latest addition to Novell's portfolio of open
 source initiatives, including the fast-growing openSUSE(TM) project. The
 community-based effort provides developers complete access to the latest
 AppArmor code and tools to facilitate the review, testing and development of
 the AppArmor technology.
     Industry and Community Leaders Support the AppArmor Project
     Industry leaders are expressing strong support for the AppArmor project
 and agree the project will create better technologies which protect
 mission-critical data hosted on Linux systems in the enterprise.
     Open Source Development Lab CEO Stuart Cohen:  "Novell's move to open
 source AppArmor will help advance the state of the art of Linux and open
 source computing platforms. Novell's AppArmor development team helped to
 pioneer the Linux Security Modules technology. Now open source developers can
 contribute to the advancement of AppArmor technology and adopt it into other
 open source computing solutions."
     HP Open Source and Linux Vice President Christine Martino:  "Security is a
 major focus for HP -- as our recent advancement in Common Criteria
 certification demonstrates -- as it enables our customers to deploy
 mission-critical applications on Linux with confidence. By extending our
 alliance with Novell through SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and the AppArmor
 project, we will offer our customers increased choice and improved ease with
 their Linux solutions."
     IBM Linux and Open Technology Vice President Dan Frye:  "Novell and IBM
 have a history of bringing enterprise-class technologies to Linux, including
 collaborative work for Linux on the mainframe and the Common Criteria Security
 Certification for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9. We're excited about
 expanding our community involvement in Linux security technologies through
 participation in the AppArmor project and other security initiatives such as
     Oracle Linux Engineering Senior Director Wim Coekaerts:  "Security has
 been a priority for Oracle from day one. For decades, customers have trusted
 Oracle products and solutions to help secure business critical data and
 applications. We welcome Novell's efforts to further enhance security at the
 Linux layer and expect that our joint customers will benefit significantly."
     Groundwork President and CEO Ranga Rangachari:  "Application security and
 platform management go hand in hand. If you don't have the ability to easily
 manage application security, it's likely you won't use any at all. Novell's
 new open source project really helps in this regard, and we look forward to
 integrating it into our arsenal of leading open source IT management
     JBoss Product Management Vice President Shaun Connolly:  "JBoss is pleased
 to see Novell creating such an important open source project to address a
 real-world need in enterprise Linux computing. We commend Novell for taking
 this crucial step and helping ensure open source is a safe choice for the
     MySQL AB Co-founder and Vice President David Axmark:  "No matter the size
 of the customer or the volume of data, security is always paramount. It's
 great to see Novell has donated technology to the community that can safeguard
 the integrity of servers that run MySQL. We are excited to work together to
 help propel this technology forward to the benefit of customers."
     SugarCRM Chairman and CEO John Roberts:  "Application security and system
 protection are crucial to enterprise applications such as ours. Participating
 in the AppArmor project will help us provide business tools that customers can
 use in a secure environment with confidence."
     Novacoast Linux Practice Manager Dan Elder:  "Our customers need to
 implement application security in the data center, but current solutions are
 hard to use and maintain. I'm pleased to see Novell taking steps to address
 those problems and making the solution widely available."
     Novell AppArmor is based on technology Novell obtained with its
 acquisition of Immunix in 2005. It is now shipping with SUSE(R) Linux 10.0,
 Novell's community Linux distribution available at ,
 and Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Service Pack 3 (SP3). The AppArmor
 project is licensed as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
 To join the community and gain access to the software, visit .
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