Now You Can Wear That Old Refrigerator, Dishwasher and Elevator Door!

Tarma(TM) Designs Discovers Recycled "Un-Jewelry" Is Loved by the Green


Aug 02, 2006, 01:00 ET from Tarma Designs

    PETALUMA, Calif., Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Where do all the discarded
 appliances and industrial metal scraps go? Some of it becomes jewelry at
 Tarma Designs. A new company based in Sonoma County, Tarma Designs, focuses
 on jewelry made from recycled stainless steel. Former VP Marketing of
 CamelBak, Sky George, was inspired to start Tarma while on a five-week solo
 hike along the Pacific Crest Trail during spring 2005.
     During his 700-mile journey, Sky realized his next business venture had
 to be one with a minimal ecological footprint. "During my trek in
 California's most remote wilderness, I realized that health, family and our
 environment were the most important values to me," says Sky. "When I
 returned home, my wife, Stephanie, and I started a company that embraces
 and promotes each of these values."
     "I love wearing a recycled refrigerator that's been transformed into a
 piece of serene 'un-jewelry' for the nature minded person," says Stephanie
 George, Sky's wife of 15 years and co-founder of Tarma. "Tarma jewelry will
 never tarnish and is a wonderful substitute for silver."
     With reincarnated pendants, wristbands and earrings, Tarma's "Active"
 collection depicts natural shapes and outdoor activities in more then 20
 styles for women and men. "The designs are casual, inspired by the same
 type of outdoor gear I used on the trek," says Sky. "Along with the
 stainless, we used cord, webbing, hand tied knots and pendants have a
 miniature carabiner for a clasp."
     The products are sold in Whole Foods Markets and a number of
 independently owned outdoor shops across the country. One of the first
 retailers to carry the recycled jewelry is the Village Sports Shop at
 Yosemite National Park. Kym Wright, a buyer for the park, commented, "I
 knew from the moment I saw Tarma's line, it would be hugely successful in
 Yosemite. It's unique and resonates with the outdoor lifestyle many
 visitors to the park embrace."
     Tarma is committed to jewelry that's good for people and the planet.
 The company strives to align its products with social, environmental and
 ethical values. For more information, visit .

SOURCE Tarma Designs