NPG Declares That Population Numbers Alone Should Be Reason to Defeat S. 1639

Jun 27, 2007, 01:00 ET from Negative Population Growth

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Donald Mann,
 President of Negative Population Growth, said today that the massive
 numbers of new legal immigrants that would be permitted into the U.S. in
 the next two decades under the current provisions of S. 1639, the
 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, should be reason enough for Senators
 to defeat the bill outright.
     Mann noted that Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is to be commended for
 warning his fellow colleagues last week that S. 1639 would double legal
 immigration levels in the next twenty years.
     "Senator Sessions has it right," Mann said "under the Senate bill we're
 looking at 47 million new people, 38.1 million green card holders and 8 to
 9 million temporary workers, taking up residence in our country by 2027."
     "As Senator Sessions pointed out, doing nothing when it comes to legal
 immigration and leaving current laws in place would still mean that a
 staggering number of immigrants -- 23.4 million -- would be admitted during
 the same time period. That number needs to be substantially reduced rather
 than increased," Mann declared.
     Mann continued, "This is only more evidence of the giant scam being
 pulled off in the Senate under the guise of immigration 'reform.'
 NPG-sponsored polls and countless others show that the American people want
 Congress to reduce the level of legal immigration -- not double it."
     "It's time for Senators to add up the sheer numbers of people this
 legislation involves: 12 to 20 million illegals (and probably millions
 more), plus millions of their family members, then another 47 million legal
 immigrants in the next 20 years. Senators know full well that their states,
 cities and communities are not ready to absorb such massive numbers of new
 people," Mann said. In addition, he noted, "statistics show that most
 immigrants in the U.S. have a high fertility rate, a fact that will only
 increase the explosive population numbers in the long run."
     Mann concluded: "Amnesty, the threat to jobs, unworkable enforcement
 and other issues should keep this legislation from becoming law. But the
 huge number of new people S. 1639 would welcome into our country certainly
 stands alone as a reason Senators should vote 'no.' We owe it to future
 generations to stop this ticking time bomb now."

SOURCE Negative Population Growth