NPG President Calls on Congressional Leaders to Openly and Quickly Pass Immigration Reform

Jan 11, 2007, 00:00 ET from Negative Population Growth

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ Concerned that an
 immigration reform bill could be deceitfully drafted in Congressional back
 rooms and sprung on the American people without warning OR alternatively
 put off until next year for political expediency, Donald Mann, President of
 Negative Population Growth, today called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate
 Majority Leader Harry Reid to openly and quickly move immigration reform
 that does not grant amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal
 immigrants through the 110th Congress.
     Addressing Capitol Hill's top leaders in the first weeks of the new
 Congress, Mann challenged the new Democrats to "answer to the American
 people -- and not the special interests -- in shaping any final immigration
 reform legislation."
     "I realize that there are many factors at work on the immigration
 issue. But the 110th Congress must recognize that this legislation will
 have a greater impact on America's future than perhaps any other it
 considers. We can't go for quick-fix solutions. Rather, as a nation we must
 approach this issue well-educated on its long term consequences for today's
 generation - and many generations to come," Mann said in his letter.
     In addition, he stressed, "it is also crucial that this legislation not
 be written in Congress' back rooms. Any immigration reform legislation must
 undergo full, open and immediate hearings so that all issues can be openly
 discussed and all key players identified."
     In his letter delivered only three months after the nation passed the
 300 million population milestone, Mann also noted: "without a strong new
 immigration law that is effectively enforced, our nation is doomed to a
 future of record-breaking population growth that will wreak havoc on our
 economy, our society and our environment."
     In direct language that drove home the point that a majority of
 Americans are not willing to accept any immigration reform that grants
 amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants, Mann cited the
 fact that "almost all members of Congress - including most of the newly
 elected Democrats - ran on a platform of strong immigration laws and
 enforcement - and few promised to embrace amnesty legislation similar to
 that passed by the Senate last year."
     Mann's letter also outlined the measures NPG and other advocates of
 strong new immigration rules seek in a final bill. In addition to no
 amnesty and citizenship, they include a call for any guest workers to be
 exactly that - "guests." Thus, current illegal immigrants in the U.S.
 should be required to return to their home country and reenter the states
 only if sponsored by an already identified employer.
     Another issue important to NPG is that new legislation cannot create
 "massive new openings for new 'legal' immigrants and 'guest-workers' to
 bring in their extended families." Such lax legislation would "greatly
 accelerate our population growth and add tens of millions of new people in
 a very short time."
     Also, key to strong immigration reform for NPG is the need for Congress
 to "demand that present immigration laws be enforced - with employers who
 hire illegals made to pay a severe penalty."
     In calling on Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid to act on
 immigration reform openly and quickly, Mann noted that both leaders
 "promised an open and transparent Congress that gives opposition voices and
 alternative proposals the ability to be seen and heard."
     NPG's President summed up his request by stating: "The bottom line is
 that Congress is doing great harm to our nation by letting the immigration
 crisis continue to grow as it drags out the debate and plays politics with
 this critical issue. The long-term stakes are too high for our nation to
 keep putting off responsible, hard-hitting solutions simply to see which
 political party can pander more to a growing voting bloc."
     Mann's letter ended with this plea: "Let's not worry about who gets the
 credit. For America's sake, let's get the job done now!"
     Negative Population Growth is a national nonprofit organization,
 founded in 1972, that serves as a grassroots network for tens of thousands
 of citizens to work together to educate the American public and our
 political leaders about the catastrophic effect of overpopulation on our
 environment and quality of life. For more information, please visit our
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SOURCE Negative Population Growth