NPG President Warns About Population Impact of New Immigration Bill

Calls on Congress to 'Back Off' from trying to correct all immigration

problems in one massive piece of legislation

Jun 01, 2007, 01:00 ET from Negative Population Growth

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Citing skyrocketing
 population projections, astronomical costs and citizens' lack of faith in
 the government's ability to responsibly implement and enforce its broadly
 written provisions, Donald Mann, President of Negative Population Growth,
 called on Senate leaders to defeat or shelve S. 1348, now under
 consideration in the U.S. Senate.
     Mann stated: "Passage of this legislation, as written, would result in
 an astronomical spike in America's population whereby our nation would be
 forced to accommodate tens of millions of additional people. This number is
 over and above the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants already here who
 could become legal if S. 1348 is passed."
     He added, "The U.S. Senate has to be up front and honest with the
 American people on this legislation when it comes to the gigantic economic
 and demographic shift that would result if it is passed. Automatically
 giving permanent residency to 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants -- and
 possibly even more when the real numbers are revealed -- while opening our
 nation's doors to a never-ending flow of 'guest workers' is a recipe for
 disaster. It can only lead to a future population crisis that will
 significantly impact our quality of life and take a giant toll on our
 nation's limited resources.
     "No group wants to see today's immigration crisis solved more than NPG.
 But the Senate is biting off more than they can chew. If they continue down
 this path America will end up with a terribly flawed immigration program
 that will be severely detrimental to our nation's economy, society and
 environment," Mann stated.
     "Passing this legislation will put America on the road to disaster
 where there is no turning back," Mann said.
     "The American people have spoken loud and clear on this issue," Mann
 continued. "Our NPG polls of recent years, as well as many other national
 polls, consistently reaffirm that Americans support tough actions against
 illegal entry, employment and residence. The American people want more, not
 less, restrictive limits on immigration and population growth."
     Mann challenged the results of a New York Times poll taken last week
 which claimed to show widespread support for certain provisions of S. 1348.
 "Even the Senators don't know all of the complexities of the legislation
 under debate and this headline-grabbing poll only adds to the propaganda
 that this bill is good for our nation," said Mann. "The more the American
 people understand all of the nuances and complexities of this legislation,
 the more you'll see them wake up to the fact that it is a population time
     "Plenty of people can make a good case for a bad law -- but in the end
 it is still a bad law," Mann declared.
     He added, "Even if the Senate does follow through with this legislation
 I am at a loss as to how Senators expect today's overwhelmed and
 under-funded U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to turn into an
 exceedingly efficient, state-of-the-art operation overnight. S. 1348
 provisions would even further stress the limited resources of a broken
 agency. For the U.S. Senate to pass any legislation when the bureaucracy to
 enforce it does not exist is pure folly."
     Mann continued: "The dual solution to today's immigration crisis lies
 in Congress funding whatever measures are necessary to seal our borders
 against the continuing flow of illegal immigrants and enforcing current
 laws against employing illegal immigrants."
     Mann noted that Members of Congress should table S. 1348 and tackle
 each immigration issue separately instead of passing such an inferior piece
 of legislation. "It is important that we have focused debate on the
 individual issues of guest workers, new visa programs, family chain
 migration, anchor babies and, the most challenging of all -- how to handle
 those who broke the law by entering our country. We have to weigh any and
 all solutions for these important issues against the future population
 burden they will place on our nation and people," he said.
     Mann concluded: "Quick fix solutions aren't the answer. Reasonable,
 workable and severely restrictive immigration programs that take into
 account the real long-term costs when it comes to population are what's
 best for our country."

SOURCE Negative Population Growth