NPG Warns of Massive Population Numbers as America Nears 300 Million People!

Group Launches 'Wake Up America!' Campaign

Oct 02, 2006, 01:00 ET from Negative Population Growth

    ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- With America's population
 scheduled to pass the 300 million milestone in mid-October, Negative
 Population Growth, the nation's premier grassroots population group,
 reminded all Americans that such massive numbers are something to fear
 rather than celebrate.
     NPG President, Donald Mann, stated: "We've got to face the harsh
 reality that an ever-growing U.S. population -- which is adding tens of
 millions of people each decade and will likely surpass 400 million in only
 30 years -- is merely setting the stage for massive economic, social and
 environmental problems."
     Mann made his comments as he was announcing that NPG is launching a
 national "Wake UP America!" educational campaign to alert the American
 public as well as local, state and national leaders to the vital need to
 get today's spiraling population numbers under control.
     Mann decried government and business leaders who praise ever-growing
 population numbers as a symbol of America's growth and prosperity. He
 warned that our nation's failure to get a grip on illegal immigration and
 out-of- control population growth will develop into one of the greatest
 crises our nation will face in the 21st century.
     According to Mann, the worst thing our national leaders can do is
 approach the problem with a patchwork of solutions. "Congressional action
 on getting immigration under control is a very necessary first step. But
 what is long overdue is a National Population Policy that can put our
 country on course to a sustainable future that protects our quality of life
 for future generations."
     "Today's exploding population numbers are already seriously impacting
 our roads, schools and hospitals ... urban sprawl is suffocating our
 farmland and wildlife habitat ... our consumption-driven population is
 contributing greatly to global warming ... and we are fast-depleting the
 limited water and energy supplies we need to survive as a strong,
 productive nation," Mann said.
     To back up NPG's demands for a National Population Policy, Mann
 declared: "The American people are behind us on this issue. The scientific
 Roper ASW national opinion poll that NPG commissioned earlier this year
 found that 57% - - the majority of the American people -- favored a U.S.
 population that is equal to or less then the current numbers.
     NPG's multi-faceted "Wake Up America!" campaign includes mailing
 educational posters to more than 5,000 middle and high schools across the
 nation, running fact-filled ads in nationwide publications including those
 that target Congress and Washington's policymakers, assigning
 representatives to speak on national and local talk radio, and conducting
 on-going National and Local Opinion Surveys, where the compiled results are
 sent to Congress. The "Wake Up America!" campaign will run through 2007,
 NPG's 35th Anniversary Year.
     Negative Population Growth is a national nonprofit membership
 organization, founded in 1972, that has served as a resource for tens of
 thousands of citizens who work together to educate the American public and
 our political leaders about the catastrophic effects of overpopulation on
 our environment, resources, and quality of life. For more information,
 please visit our website at

SOURCE Negative Population Growth