NT OBJECTives Launches Automated and Innovative Security Solution to Protect Business Critical Applications

Comprehensive Technology and Knowledgeable Experts Help Organizations Discover

Threats, Analyze Risk and Develop Sound Security Strategies

NT OBJECTives Provides Security Services and Application

Assessment for CapitalIQ

Apr 11, 2005, 01:00 ET from NT OBJECTives

    IRVINE, Calif., April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- NT OBJECTives, Inc, an innovative
 provider of application security solutions, today announced the launch of its
 comprehensive solutions to help companies develop sound security policies and
 processes to better assess and eliminate enterprise risks and ensure that
 application and web server content remains secure. Its NTOSpider product
 provides automated and accurate application vulnerability assessment, while
 its expert team of security professionals provides education, guidance and
 security process development to organizations worldwide.
     "Technology or services alone are simply enablers," said JD Glaser,
 president and CEO at NT OBJECTives. "Cohesive solutions are created when
 people are given the skills and tools they need to build secure processes.  NT
 OBJECTives is uniquely positioned to provide true enterprise solutions for
 application security through a combination of advanced technology and expert
 knowledge transfer."
     With increasing demands on organizations to expand access to services and
 information, application developers and security professionals need more
 intelligent assessment tools to ensure the security of often very complex
 applications. NTOSpider is uniquely capable of evaluating 100 percent of site
 content, regardless of complexity. NTOSpider includes highly advanced
 technology to automate complex site interaction including authentication and
 JavaScript. Its unique S3 Methodology ensures the most accurate data while
 providing comprehensive site coverage and ensuring safety for the target
 environment. NTOSpider speeds up development and testing dramatically, while
 providing the information needed to make intelligent security decisions.
     "Application security is our top concern," said Ken Pfeil, CSO at
 CapitalIQ, a leading financial data services provider. "As CSO, I am
 responsible for all aspects of security for our division, which consists of
 over 1,000 employees at eight locations worldwide. Serving customers in the
 financial market, our CapitalIQ application is our bread and butter and it is
 critical that it remain solid and secure. We needed a quicker and more
 accurate way to check code and application behavior within a security context.
 We selected NTOSpider from NT OBJECTives for its ability to perform complex
 checks with proven accuracy."
     NT OBJECTives helps organizations not only identify threats, but also
 understand the nature of inherent exposure through site analysis, thereby
 enabling them to quickly identify and remediate high risk vulnerabilities,
 while proactively developing effective policies and processes for continuous
     "Vulnerability assessment alone simply creates a work-list of things to
 fix," said Erik Caso, vice president of development at NT OBJECTives.
 "Without policies in place up front to address these issues, organizations
 will be faced with the same work-lists month after month, year after year.
 NTOSpider's Site Analysis provides clear insight into site architecture and
 complexity to assist in developing application security process and policy."
     NT OBJECTives provides graphical HTML reports for all audiences, which
 summarize security risk with detailed remediation information. Its exclusive
 Resource Mapping quickly articulates site structure and vulnerabilities using
 an interactive, 3D map with links to all threat information. Furthermore, all
 data is stored natively in XML, allowing reuse of assessment data across the
     "We evaluated many products, and it was difficult to find something out of
 the box that really lived up to its claims," said Pfeil. "We have a very
 complex web environment, running primarily Microsoft .NET platform. The code
 base is extremely complex, diverse, and dispersed. Many products promised the
 world, but when we actually ran them, they would find only known flaws.
 NTOSpider lives up to its claims of automation, thoroughness and accuracy and
 we are confident in its results. We were extremely impressed with its
 capability to perform advanced checks including dual authentication from the
 same command line and automated page iteration assessment. We have been
 running the product for about six months now. The complete implementation took
 only a few days and now NT OBJECTives has reduced our total man hours by one-
 third. Anyone can paint a rosy picture, but it makes my job a lot easier when
 I have a tool that demonstrates repeatable results."
     About NT OBJECTives
     NT OBJECTives is an innovative provider of comprehensive application
 security solutions designed to help organizations discover threats, analyze
 risk and develop sound security strategies.  Its unique technology provides
 automated and accurate application vulnerability assessment regardless of site
 complexity, while its world-renowned team of security professionals provides
 expert knowledge transfer and technical services to help businesses
 understand, build and achieve application security compliance. NT OBJECTives
 is located in Irvine, California. For more information, visit
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