Number Nine Visual Technology and S3 Inc. -- Business to Continue as Usual

Jun 23, 1999, 01:00 ET from Number Nine Visual Technology Corp from ,S3 Incorporated

    LEXINGTON, Mass., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Number Nine Visual Technology
 Corp. (Nasdaq:   NINE) and S3 Incorporated (Nasdaq:   SIII), both leaders in the
 field of high-performance PC graphics technology, today jointly announced that
 business would continue as usual between the two firms, in lieu of S3's
 recently announcement to enter the Internet appliance and home networking
     Both Number Nine and S3 agreed that the business partnership was strong
 and that the S3 announcement would not affect existing business dealings.  "We
 value Number Nine as a partner and expect to continue business as usual," said
 Ken Potashner, President and CEO, S3 Incorporated.
     "S3 graphics chips have helped us to design fast, yet affordable graphics
 accelerators that have been popular with our customers," said Wally Smith,
 Number Nine's new Chief Executive Officer.  "We look forward to continuing
 this long standing relationship."
     Number Nine's most recent family of accelerator cards is the SR9.  Powered
 by the S3 Savage4(TM) processor, the SR9 is offered with models equipped with
 as much as 32-megabytes of memory.  The SR9 provides pure 128-bit graphics
 processing for fast 2D acceleration, 32-bit 3D rendering, and 3D Texture
 Compression for a level of 3D image quality that sets a new standard for
 excellence.  Second-generation MPEG2/DVD motion compensation also provides
 liquid-smooth, full-screen video playback, even on less powerful computers.
 The SR9 is bundled with Number Nine's advanced HawkEye(R) Display Control
 Utilities and custom, 3D accelerated display drivers for Windows 95 and
 Windows 98.  Fully certified accelerated 3D support for Windows NT 4.0 is
 provided via Number Nine's OpenGL(R) ICD display drivers.
     The Savage4 powered SR9 accelerator card is establishing itself as a
 winner.  The SR9 was the first delivered product to support the AGP 4X
 specification.  Upcoming AGP 4X enabled computers will have the capacity to
 more than double the transfer rate of complex graphics.  These systems will
 become pervasive later on this year.  Additionally, the SR9 was the first
 product to demonstrate support for DVI, the new video interface specification
 that is expected to be the industry standard for the next generation of
 digital displays.  More recently, Number Nine announced an important SR9
 design win with a top international PC vendor.  More design win announcements
 are eminent.
     About Number Nine
     Number Nine Visual Technology Corporation, , is a
 leading supplier of high-performance visual technology solutions, including
 video/graphics accelerator subsystems, chips and productivity-enhancing
 software.  Number Nine is one of the first companies to offer its users
 drivers certified by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL).  The
 company is a pioneer in PC graphics, delivering the first 128-bit graphics
 accelerator, the first 256-color and 16.8 million-color cards, and
 four consecutive lines of 128-bit graphics chips and boards.  Number Nine is a
 publicly-held company (Nasdaq:   NINE) headquartered in Lexington,
 Massachusetts, with research and development, sales and/or marketing offices
 in Munich, Germany and Redmond, Washington.
     About S3(R) Incorporated
     One of the largest suppliers of graphics and video accelerators in the
 world, S3(R) Incorporated has established itself as a market leader in
 technology excellence, core business strengths, strategic partnerships and
 worldwide reach. Building on these strengths, S3(R) is committed to delivering
 targeted products for the Personal Computer, Computing Integration and
 Consumer Appliance Markets.  The S3 web site address is .
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 Technology Corporation.  S3 and Savage4 are registered trademarks or
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 defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.  Such
 statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to a
 number of factors and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ
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 factors as are described under "Certain Factors That May Affect Future Results
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 fiscal quarter 1999 ended April 3, 1999 as filed with the Securities and
 Exchange Commission.

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