Nuvera Fuel Cells Launches Plan for Hydrogen Test Facility

Company engages RIVOIRA / SIAD Group to expand laboratory plant in Italy for

testing hydrogen-based fuel cell systems

Sep 08, 2004, 01:00 ET from Nuvera Fuel Cells

    MILAN / CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.,
 an international developer of multi-fuel reforming and proton exchange
 membrane fuel cell technology, today announced plans to establish a hydrogen
 test facility with RIVOIRA S.p.A., and the SIAD Group, both of which partner
 with Praxair, Inc., a leading U.S. multinational in the industrial gas sector.
 The plan calls for expanding SIAD's facility located in Osio Sopra, (Bergamo)
 Italy for the purpose of demonstrating hydrogen-based fuel cell systems.
     According to the agreement, the new facility will comprise approximately
 180 m2 of space and will be dedicated to testing Nuvera's hydrogen products in
 the 5.5 kW to 25 kW power range, including its H2e(TM) fuel cell power module
 (for industrial equipment applications), FORZA(TM) power module (for
 industrial hydrogen recovery applications in the 120 kW size), and
 Andromeda(TM) fuel cell stack(for automotive applications).
     In addition, RIVOIRA/SIAD will supply the hydrogen gas obtained from a new
 natural gas reforming plant -- with purity up to 99.9995 percent -- to power
 the fuel cell systems.  Nuvera intends to operate multiple test stands in the
 facility as the company prepares to launch beta trials of its early market
 hydrogen products.
     "We are very excited about this initiative," said Michele Tettamanti,
 Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe,
 Srl.  "It is a critical step toward taking our hydrogen products to market.
 With beta trials of our 5 kW H2e fuel cell power module ready for advanced
 testing and the recent successes of our automotive fuel cell stacks with
 Centro Ricerche Fiat, we are well-positioned to advance our technology to the
 next level of pre-commercialization."
     Franco Mazzali, Chief Executive Officer at Rivoira, and Roberto Sestini,
 Chief Executive Officerat SIAD Group added, "We support with great interest
 the development of hydrogen-based fuel cell systems.  This technology is an
 important step forward in the development of new applications for industrial
     About Nuvera
     Nuvera Fuel Cells ( is a global leader in the
 development and advancement of multi-fuel processing and fuel cell technology.
 With offices located in Italy and the USA, Nuvera is committed to advancing
 the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell power modules for industrial
 vehicles and equipment and stationary applications by 2006, natural gas fuel
 cell power systems for cogeneration applications by 2007, and on-board
 gasoline fuel processors and fuel cell stacks for automotive applications by
 2010.  Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe is ISO 9001:2000 certified for "Research,
 Development, Design, Production and Servicing of Fuel Cell Stacks and Fuel
 Cell Systems."
     About RIVOIRA
     With annual sales of 174 million euros, RIVOIRA S.p.A.
 ( is a leading supplier of atmospheric, process, and
 specialty gases and related services and technologies.  Founded in 1920,
 Rivoira became a subsidiary of Praxair in 1985.  Over the near century of its
 existence, Rivoira has actively participated in the development of Italian
 industrial history serving a wide range of industries including food and
 beverages, healthcare, semiconductors, chemicals, refining, primary metals,
 and metal fabrication, as well as other areas of general industry.  Working to
 help solve problems for more than 13,000 customers, RIVOIRA operates in the
 domestic market in collaboration with SIAD, which is also an affiliate of
     About SIAD
     With annual sales of 253 million euros, SIAD S.p.A. (,
 the Societa Italiana Acetilene & Derivati, is a leading provider of
 industrial, special, and medical gases and related services.  Its association
 with Praxair has enhanced its core strengths, which include the innovation of
 processes, products, and services.  With research laboratories located in Osio
 Sopra and Dalmine, Bergamo, Italy, SIAD has long been dedicated to the study
 of developing innovative solutions for the hydrogen storage systems.
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