Nyvatex Health-Mat(TM) Shown to Stimulate T-Cell Proliferation

Sep 21, 2004, 01:00 ET from Nyvatex

    BILLINGS, Mont., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nyvatex (OTC: NYVA)
 announced today that an in vitro test of its patented Nyvalon(TM)
 Health-Mat(TM) at a prominent Midwestern university showed a statistically
 significant 55% improvement in T-cell proliferation in blood samples placed
 with Nyvalon(TM) versus the control.  Blood from 12 volunteers over 65 years
 of age was tested by incubation in cultured media with and without PHA (which
 activates T-cells).
     Nyvalon(TM)'s effect on T-cells treated with PHA was not statistically
 significant, but T-cells in culture media alone without PHA treatment
 proliferated to a statistically significant value of 0.547 when exposed to
 Nyvalon(TM), compared to 0.353 when not exposed to Nyvalon(TM).  Nyvatex CEO
 John C. Ledbetter stated that the improvement in non-PHA-treated T-cells
 suggests that Nyvalon(TM) is encouraging proliferation of naive T-cells.
     Describing the potential significance of the test results, Ledbetter
 stated:  "These results may offer an explanation for the substantial immune
 system benefits reported over many years by users of the Nyvatex
 Health-Mat(TM).  We have seen that people who sleep on the Health-Mat(TM) do
 not suffer the annual cough-cold-flu syndrome experienced by most of the U.S.
     About Nyvalon(TM)
     Nyvalon(TM) is the non-magnetic material inside the Nyvatex Health-Mat and
 other Nyvatex health products that have been available for purchase from
 Nyvatex since 1975 and have been used by thousands of individuals.  The
 material was developed at Nyvatex to assist in countering the negative effects
 of living, working and traveling in Faraday cages, which insulate people from
 the beneficial effects of exposure to the earth's natural fields.
     About Nyvatex
     Nyvatex Health Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nyvatex Oil Corp.,
 an oil exploration company dedicated to the development of technologies
 premised on naturally occurring geophysical phenomena.  Nyvatex was founded in
     Forward-Looking Statements
     This press release contains forward-looking statements relating to
 expectations, plans or prospects for Nyvatex, including its ability to expand
 market awareness of Nyvalon(TM)-based products, its ability to further the
 scientific rationale for the benefits of such products and its ability to
 distribute these products to a broad segment of the population.  These
 possibilities are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties that could cause
 actual results to differ materially from those described in the
 forward-looking statements.
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