OBOE Software Dramatically Shortens Time Required to Analyze HIPAA Data

Jul 06, 2005, 01:00 ET from CashRetriever Systems, Inc.

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- When President Clinton signed the
 Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) into law in
 1996, little did the industry realize the complexity that would be involved in
 getting the new data files translated and normalized into understandable and
 useful reports.  CashRetriever Systems, Inc. (CSI) began to undertake the
 process in 2003 with the introduction of a denial management application to
 help hospitals track the denial rates in remittances received from insurance
     Then in June of 2004, CSI started using a software product from American
 Coders called Open Business Objects for EDI - OBOE.  It simplified the
 translation process and increased the speed with which CSI's programmers were
 able to import the data from the HIPAA 835, 837, 276 and 277 into a database.
 It has saved hundreds of man-hours in programming time by converting the EDI
 documents received into XML format.  Then using the XML protocol, CSI
 normalizes the data with its TCS product offering.
     CSI's programming staff has this to say: "American Coders' OBOE with HIPAA
 package has saved us hours of programming time that we would have otherwise
 needed to write our own conversion software.  The Java objects provided with
 this package are easily called directly from our code and allow us to
 painlessly translate complex HIPAA documents into user-friendly XML in
 minutes.  Using the OBOE software also substantially reduces the amount of
 work we have to do to accommodate annual HIPAA updates; we simply plug in the
 latest version of OBOE and we're up to date."
     At the time of installation, the cost of the OBOE software was a very
 small investment for the savings achieved in programmer time at CSI.  And for
 experienced Java programmers the learning curve was comparable to other
 standard libraries.
     To find out more about CSI's experience with OBOE or to discuss the
 products CSI has developed around the HIPAA transaction and code sets, please
 contact CSI at (205) 733-9925 or visit http://www.cashretriever.com.  Or to
 find out more about American Coders and the OBOE software package, please
 contact Joseph McVerry at jmcverry@americancoders.com.
     For information, contact:
     CashRetriever Systems, Inc.
     2 Chase Corporate Drive, Ste. 240
     Birmingham AL 35244
     (205) 733-9925
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