Offermatica Announces Rich Media Optimizer

Advertisers and Marketers Can Optimize Flash, Ajax, and Other Web 2.0 Media

Using Advanced Testing and Real-time Personalization

May 25, 2007, 01:00 ET from Offermatica

    SAN FRANCISCO, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Offermatica, the leading provider
 of media testing and optimization software, today announced the industry's
 first real-time optimization for rich media and rich internet applications.
 Advertisers and publishers can now use Offermatica's testing and
 personalization network to increase engagement within the most advanced Web
 2.0 and interactive interfaces. More and more interactive marketers,
 merchants, and publishers are following Google and Yahoo!'s lead, creating
 sleek, "pageless" experiences that behave more like applications or games.
 These marketers can now target rich media content to specific user behavior
 or simply test interactive elements to deliver a more engaging,
 personalized, and efficient experience.
     Similar to the dynamic interactivity adopted by Google for Maps and
 Netflix, Offermatica's Rich Media Optimizer uses Asynchronous JavaScript or
 AJAX to respond immediately to user actions. The Rich Media Optimizer takes
 advantage of Offermatica's advanced personalization engine to respond to
 consumer actions and change content and interface elements with every
 interaction. Marketers can use this exciting technology to ensure that
 visitors see the most relevant content on a page, without having to press
 the "refresh" button in their browser.
     The Rich Media Optimizer, in conjunction with other Offermatica
 technology, allows marketers, with little or no web development experience,
 to deliver fresh, programmed content to visitors that changes, depending on
 the time of day and/or week. This technology empowers online marketers to
 deliver timely experiences to site visitors, much like the programming that
 television networks broadcast to viewers.
     Offermatica also allows marketers to group visitors into different
 segments and target unique content to each of these segments
 simultaneously, ensuring that, for example, visitors from the US see
 different website content and ads than users abroad. This powerful feature
 provides every visitor a personalized and timely experience online.
     According to a recent report by Sapient and the Kellogg School of
 Management at Northwestern University titled, "The New Marketing-IT Power
 Partnership," it is assumed that, "many people think the technology
 revolution in marketing is about Web sites and interactive advertising.
 It's not. Speed and the customer's experience with the brand are the two
 most important marketing strategies today."
     With Offermatica, both marketers and users receive equal benefits.
 Marketers have the ability to target visitors more effectively, and
 visitors consistently see relevant information. "We created a content
 delivery platform that moves at the speed of marketing and targets
 customers anywhere they go," said Matt Roche, CEO of Offermatica. "As we're
 all learning in the age of the Web 2.0, it's all about the customer
 experience, and marketers must learn to maintain a site that is as
 changeable as their customers."
     About Offermatica
     Offermatica is the leading provider of software to test, measure and
 optimize online marketing and advertising campaigns. The company's software
 enables marketers and advertisers to quickly test online content to
 increase sales and leads, reduce customer acquisition costs and improve
 customer interactions.
     Companies like CNET, Bluefly, and VeriSign have dramatically increased
 the ROI from their websites, online ads, email campaigns, and search
 listings with Offermatica's on-demand testing and optimization services.
 The company is privately held with funding from Accel Partners, Baker
 Capital, and Meritech Capital Partners. For more information, visit For press inquiries, contact Stephanie Yang at
 (415) 593-9431.

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