Ohio Hog Farm Torture: Trial Date, Tuesday, June 19

Trial of Wiles Farm for Ten Counts of Animal Cruelty

Jun 18, 2007, 01:00 ET from Humane Farming Association

    CANTON, Ohio, June 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Following an extensive
 investigation by the San Francisco-based Humane Farming Association (HFA),
 City of Canton, Ohio, Prosecutor Frank Forchione has filed a total of ten
 counts of animal cruelty against a pig factory farm owner and two of his
 employees. A trial for those charged is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19 at
 9:00 am at Wayne County Municipal Court in Wooster. HFA National Director
 Bradley Miller will be present at the trial where he will be available for
 media interviews. He can be reached by contacting Jim Dougherty at (202)
     On November 8, 2006, law enforcement officials executed a search
 warrant at Wiles Farm in Wayne County, Ohio, based on evidence provided by
 HFA and former employees of the facility. On January 16, criminal animal
 cruelty charges were filed against Wiles Farm owner Ken Wiles, his son,
 general manager Joe Wiles, and employee Dusty Stroud.
     Special Prosecutor Forchione was appointed to investigate the case
 because a Wiles family member is employed by the Wayne County prosecutor's
     HFA provided photographic and video evidence documenting the
 intentional starvation at Wiles Farm of sick and injured pigs, forcing pigs
 to live in their own wastes, severe overcrowding and cannibalism, beatings,
 and the hanging by the neck until death of fully conscious, struggling
     "Although we believe there should have been additional cruelty charges
 due to the large number of animals involved," said Bradley Miller, "we are
 pleased that the case is moving forward."
     Ken Wiles was charged with one count of animal cruelty for "failing to
 provide appropriate care for ill and injured animals which permitted them
 to suffer protracted deaths" and a second count for "failure to provide
 adequate shelter ... food and water for the animals." Joe Wiles was charged
 with six counts of animal cruelty for such practices as "grabbing [pigs]
 and throwing them by their ears and legs ... mutilating and killing animals
 by hangings, using inappropriate gun shots ... depriving pigs of basic
 veterinary care, food, and water ... beating animals to death with hammers,
 or having their heads slammed into walls and floors ... and torture of
 animals." Dusty Stroud was charged with two counts of "beating" and
 "torturing" animals.
     Each misdemeanor charge carries a potential penalty of 90 days in jail
 and a $750 fine. Also a possible penalty: the mandatory surrender of the
 remaining animals on the farm.
     "We believe that such horrific acts of cruelty, such as subjecting pigs
 to slow death by hanging, warrant felony charges," said Miller. "In many
 states, the kind of animal abuse documented at Wiles Farm would trigger
 felony prosecution. This underscores the need to strengthen Ohio's animal
 cruelty statutes."

SOURCE Humane Farming Association